Arousal achieved by rubbing against another, particularly in public.
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Nice Vids of Orgasms and teasing by masturbating girls

Nice mix of orgasm clips and teasing clips for some of us that will enjoy being on edge... I hope someone will find some good use for them here..

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What would you be interested in, if you found a full site aimed at female orgasm denial?

Videos of females masturbating/edging
13% (10 votes)
Videos of females being denied orgasms by female/male individual
54% (41 votes)
Stories Real/Fantasy of Female Orgasm Denial
9% (7 votes)
Captioned Images with short phrases or stories
3% (2 votes)
Orgasm Denial Contests
11% (8 votes)
Pictures of Females being denied an orgasm
1% (1 vote)
Webtease fantasies for females
9% (7 votes)
Total votes: 76

Mary's Little Experiment

Predictability in a marriage may be comforting, but it tends to dampen the excitement, particularly the sexual excitement, attending the blissful period of discovery and familiarization through which a marriage passes all too quickly. Mary and my marriage had passed through that phase and had entered the comfortable, if somewhat dull, stage in which each of us could predict, with increasing accuracy, what to expect from the other. Thus, it should be easy to understand my shock when, upon returning home from work one day, Amanda greeted my arrival in a fashion which I would have never predicted.

T/D is the best form of sexual torture!!!

I'm an italian fan of T/D and S/M as a master. So, please forgive me for my bad English language. As I said, T/D is my fav form of sexual torture to apply to a willing female slave. Having her totally exposed in bondage and with a needy and engorged clit is my uttermost fantasy. Nipples are clamped as a good measure. Pussy is shaved to birthdate. I would start by tickling her bare feet, knowing that it would be making her wet and wishing for more torture to cum (?). After a good hour of foot tickling and nipple pain, I know that you are more than ready for real teasing torture. Your nipples are more than happy to bear the torturous clamps and your feet can not accept more tickles, though your pussy is extremely wet and willing to be played with.

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