Bound and restrained.
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Devious Indulgence

Hello all my fellow tantalizing kinksters,

It's been a long while since I've posted. But I have some fun news for like minded individuals. Given the small number of blogs that seem to be out there about female denial and dom/sub relationships, I've decided to create my own. This is for my own enjoyment but why should I be the only one having fun? I hope to post regularly (how often am I horny? haha). I would love for you all to join me in celebrating sex, debauchery, and all around naughtiness. If you interested, given my creation a gander here:

My unrealistic denial fantasty

Hey everyone! Half way through day 2, my first edging and teasing day :p Anyways, in the morning I had a fantasy that really turned me on and thought i should share it with you all :)

Imagine edging and teasing yourself....WITH BLOWJOBS AND DEEPTHROAT!! D:

Imagine this:

A Story of Denial and Punishment Ch. 1-4

This is a story I wrote a while ago, and actually posted the first parts here on tantalism, but I never got around to posting the conclusion. Many people have enjoyed this story over the years, and I think this audience will appreciate it even more. If people enjoy it, then I also have another similar themed story which I can post as well.

There are 5 parts - the first 4 are posted here. Submissive/denied females - if you read the story, you are only allowed to edge while reading it. You can cum when the protagonist cums...which doesn't happen in the first 4 parts ;)

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Panties and denial

As my nickname says, i am a sub who loves panties. Besides that, i also love some tease and denial very much.
In real life, i have a girlfriend whom i live together with. She knows about my little “fetishes”, but doesn’t want to do anything with it. The sex we have is great though, so no complaints about that.
But, as i found out recently, i can’t fool myself and keep loving panties and tease and denial. So i have put myself on some rules which i have to live by every day.

Here are my rules:
1. My girlfriend may not be bothered at all by my “fetishes” and this rules.

My fantasy

One of my fantasy I have would be denied for about a couple of weeks and I would be laying in my bed in the dark reading or watching denial videos when im being forcefully turned on my back and having my hands tied and forcefully gagged, then i am stripped of my clothes only being left in my undewear. Im left tied up hogtied with my hands tied to behind my back and my legs kept apart. I would see him and he's stripped down to his boxerbriefs and has an gorgeous erection.

6th horny

Today is the sixth day, I have decided to continue my denial (thanks to fishcake for some good suggestions) and I was in for a real treat, this morning I woke up and decided to do some edges and to spice things up I looked at some videos of guys in bondage being edged and then put into chastity all horned up. There's just something so hot about seeing a man being controlled like that it made my arousal level even higher, I even thought about cumming I was that horny, I still am. I think I found my kryptonite, my denial has just got even more interesting :)

My first steps on the path to total denial...

Hi all,

I'm Issy Pevez- a 26 year old girl who is desperate to be denied. I have tried to do this under my own steam, but failed. I hope that writing routinely in the blog, and having some input and support from you lot in the community, will help me control my urges and deny myself for weeks on end...

I crave control-online master/mistress only

I want someone to deny mee toilet privileges, and mix that is with orgasm denial, I never have the will power not to pee or orgasm if I'm not ordered to hold it :),

Messages me if your interested and we'll do a trial :)

Add me on yahoo - Pholder1990
Or Kik peeholder1990

I can hold my pee for as long as you want me to, I'm into long term orgasm denial, I love to be verbally teased, I want you to torture me with the fact you're denying my orgasms and pee
Iv held my pee for for 24hours before
I won't do anything involving friends or family or wetting at work.

New Here

Hi Everyone,
I would like to introduce myself.
My name is subbykat. I have currently been
denied of orgasm for 8 months, my longest period yet,
And I am insanely horny 'lol'!
If your interested you can go to Orgasm Not and read more about my current predicament
and there are clips of me in session with Master.

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