Bound and restrained.

Exp Dom male 42 seeking Females that truly crave Orgasm Control and Guided Masterbation on a Long Term basis

EDIT: If this post is still up I'm still looking so feel free to get in touch!!!!

Experienced Dom 42 searching for a submissive female 18-40 to explore primarily Orgasm control/Tease & Denial based submission. If you enjoy the thought of giving up control of when, where, how often and in what way you receive pleasure/orgasms then don't hesitate to get in touch.

Weekend with my Master

My Master just visited! We had a great venture through a sex shop - he made me change into a micro mini skirt there. Was deliciously humiliating to approach the counter in professional attire, ask for a fitting room or restroom where I could change, and to come back out dressed like a whore.

Want to be a mess all day

For my first post here, I decided I want to share a fantasy day I hope my Master will allow me to try. I've woken up less horny than I like and that just seemed like a waste of a perfectly good Sunday. So I sent this fantasy to him.

Bittersweet satisfaction.

Sir and I are both in the same bed, and it does not take him long to notice how wet and needy I am, as for now I have not orgasmed for a while.
He sends his hand between my thighs and I tremble, I know I don't have a word in this. All I can think about is how badly I want him to touch His clit, and while he rubs my flesh, I am trying to resist the urge to squeeze my thighs together.
And he knows it. He knows how much I'd want him to slip his fingers in and fuck me. Though he just smirked, remarking how badly wet I am.

More than just a while

Story, Fiction: Reading online listings you find the following:

Listing: Looking for a lady willing to experience more than superficial lust. You must be willing to actually live a monogamous submissive lifestyle. You must be clean, free of St-d's or other communicable diseases. It is preferred you use Mirena or other copper IUD as sex will include fluid exchange and we will not be using any barrier methods of birth control. The copper IUD not only helps prevent pregnancy but for reasons still not understood tends to increase sexual desire.

Good god

Good god. Edger88's videos have always gotten me going, but I was literally whimpering out loud long before I'd reached the end of this series, just watching---not touching. The description of this video series is: "Tied and tormented with feathers, soft tipped paintbrushes and massage oil, cruelly deliberate fingertips and the slowest tongue movements and gentlest sucking motions."

You can just barely make out the woman's vocalizations and some of the things that he says to her if you turn the volume all of the way up.

"Please, touch my clit"

The timer went off, indicating that the skin-safe adhesive had dried & fully cured, and Alana, the young woman whom we had been playing with, on and off, over the years, and more recently, who’d been assisting my Master in executing my extended torment, grinned expectantly as my Master rose to his feet. He approached the bed, coming to stand by my torso, and she sat up straight, paying attention, but staying where she was – that is, reclined in a comfy chair she’d set up between my legs (to be able to relax while she teased me).

Another original story for the wonderfully denied pussies here ;) Chastity Slut, Ch 1-2.

I'm still working on this one, but here's the first couple of chapters. As always, no cumming without permission ;) Hope you guys enjoy it, let me know if you want more!

Ch. 1
The night you have been looking forward to is finally here, and your excitement is palpable, though an occasional flutter of nervousness still passes through you. You read over your Master's note again, ensuring that you have done everything exactly as he asked. It is only Thursday, but after leaving work early with a few false coughs, you managed to get Friday off as well, and you know you are in for an exciting weekend.

You admire yourself in the mirror; your Master instructed you to wear an elegant, but easily accessible outfit, and the short black dress you have chosen will be sure to please him. You wear no jewelry, save for the collar which never leaves your neck, discrete enough to be worn in public, yet obvious to any passing Dom that you are owned...

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Devious Indulgence

Hello all my fellow tantalizing kinksters,

It's been a long while since I've posted. But I have some fun news for like minded individuals. Given the small number of blogs that seem to be out there about female denial and dom/sub relationships, I've decided to create my own. This is for my own enjoyment but why should I be the only one having fun? I hope to post regularly (how often am I horny? haha). I would love for you all to join me in celebrating sex, debauchery, and all around naughtiness. If you interested, given my creation a gander here:

My unrealistic denial fantasty

Hey everyone! Half way through day 2, my first edging and teasing day :p Anyways, in the morning I had a fantasy that really turned me on and thought i should share it with you all :)

Imagine edging and teasing yourself....WITH BLOWJOBS AND DEEPTHROAT!! D:

Imagine this:

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