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A never ending dice game ?

This is an example of a possible never ending dice game that can be played.

Each week at the start of the week roll a six-sided dice. The roll will decide what you may

1. No touch for the week
2. Edge once each day for the week.
3. Each day roll a six sided dice and let it decide how many times you must edge that day.
4. Next time you roll a 5 or 6 disregard the outcome and treat it like a rolling a 1. Reroll for this week but treat a roll of 5 as a 2 and a roll of 6 as a 3.
5. You may orgasm just once during the whole week for the rest of the week its no touch.

Great couple video

The second is a continuation of the first. Both are beautiful.

Plus, eventually: Peter Gabriel!
And here are some more words to fill out the 25 minimum.

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