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Submissive female.

Feeling Brave

I am thinking about finding someone to tease and deny me for a while. I am a mature woman, married, but in need of some controlling :) I have asked here before, but guess i wasn't quite ready, so, being hopeful and asking again.

Be Careful What You Wish For

On my eighth night of denial, he ordered me to go back on no touch after I had been on a few days of edging. I knew how much no touch was going to test me, so I worked up the courage to ask him for a couple more opportunities to edge before starting no touch once again. He was very generous as he granted my request and ordered me to complete 10 more edges before bed. I had expected him to assign me more than 2, but I honestly was not expecting 10. My greediness and desperation to cum had gotten the better of me and now I was facing a major challenge.

It's been a while.

Haven't posted in ages, but here we go.

Before you ask, I don't care to have any of you "help" or try to order me around. I'm a feminist (something I feel like this site is lacking) and I choose who I sub to and when and how...and it's none of you. :)


One of the rules of my denial is that I'm to keep tally marks near my cunt, on my inner thigh, that record how long it has been since my last orgasm. I'll admit, when this rule was first established, I felt it was a little silly because I always know how long it's been since I've been given permission to cum; I have it ingrained in my memory since it's something that I think about at every waking moment. Now that I've been through a couple sessions of denial, I'm starting to grow attached to my tally marks and what they represent.

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The joys of phone sex

On the phone last night he asked if I've been "being good" (i.e. not getting myself off). I had to confess that after two quickies at the hotel last weekend (neither of which involved an orgasm for me), I had very definitely "been bad." Monday morning, no less, in a very long and satisfying session that included a self-inflicted pussy spanking. (I found one of his wooden-backed hairbrushes he accidentally left behind and did all kinds of wickedly delicious things with it.)

my (potentially) long denial

So after a long absence i am back on denial.. i am at 5 weeks and counting. I have days when I it hardly bothers me and days when the frustration drives me crazy.. I never know which one its going to be, except that every time its harder than the last... i am hoping to make it 3 months as this would be a month longer than i have done before, although might need someone to help me last that long..

No Touch v. Edging

Today is Day 4 out of 10 in my latest round of denial. My Master has been generous and he's allowed me to have three days of no touch instead of edging everyday like I have in the past. As part of my submission to him, he gave me an order to compare my experience with edging to my experience with no touch. I'm starting to find both equally frustrating, but each in their own way.


Points, Bets, and NYE

Like I explained in my last post, my Master developed a point system in order for me to earn my chance to cum. Because he is gracious, the first time we used the points system, I needed 10 points to earn my release, it took me 3 days. The second time around, my Master told me he would not make it that easy on me.


(Originally written 12/26/2013)

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He is out of town again, this time for three weeks. Sadly, he left no instructions. I don't know, as time passes, if he'll start getting turned on and wanting to play long distance. Maybe too much work stress.

Meanwhile, I'm stuck at home, trying to figure out what to do with myself. Life is boring with him out of town. I think I've gotten spoiled. I used to love playing denial games by myself. Now, without him, it feels kind of pointless. Not nearly as exciting or fun.

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