sub female

Submissive female.

Please (do)n't?

So wet, so needy, that several times last night I truly wanted to cum. No sense of regret, no feeling that I would have gotten off before the ride was over, I truly wanted to cum.

And then my brain started *imagining*. I imagined my Master telling me 'No' when I'm so desperate to hear yes. I imagined him telling me to sleep with his cunt stuffed, filled with fake cock just to remind me what a slut I am. I imagined not being allowed to cum at the end of May, being told No despite truly desperate pleas for yes, to be reminded that this is for his pleasure, not mine.

So close

Finally back to a state of needy depravity. As is always the rule, I'm not allowed to touch at all without permission. My Master is a busy man, which makes my crazy horny days that much more delicious. I want to touch, tease, and torment so badly, but any kind of touching is off limits. I love looking at my toys when horny though. Thinking of my vibrator on and pressed against my clit, thinking of my dildo filling me up and making me squirm.


Wearing nothing but a set of clover clamps with a silver chain running between them, my pussy dripping down my legs, a tray of champagne balanced on one hand, and guests in black tie, utterly indifferent apart from the occasional tug on my chain that makes the glasses clink together.

Weekend with my Master

My Master just visited! We had a great venture through a sex shop - he made me change into a micro mini skirt there. Was deliciously humiliating to approach the counter in professional attire, ask for a fitting room or restroom where I could change, and to come back out dressed like a whore.

The weekend update

I spent Friday wearing my ben wa balls after edging every day since Tuesday. We got home around 11 or so and he did fuck me as promised. I used the vibe and came, but it was a weird, unsatisfying orgasm. I should've just teased and stopped like I planned to earlier. Maybe the fact that I planned to do that messed up my orgasm? Either way, :/

Making progress

I haven't checked in on here in a while - as someone mentioned earlier, this site is getting a bit quiet and part of the fun of sharing on here is getting feedback, so. Anyway.

Want to be a mess all day

For my first post here, I decided I want to share a fantasy day I hope my Master will allow me to try. I've woken up less horny than I like and that just seemed like a waste of a perfectly good Sunday. So I sent this fantasy to him.

Cumming between shaves

How about only allowing her to cum between shaves? By that I mean this:

She must grow out a "full" bush in order to be able to cum. Then once she cums, she is shaved (or waxed) completely bare and cannot cum again until her bush grows fully back.

"Full" can be defined as a certain ruler measurement of a sample of say 10 pubic hairs. Say she has to have at least 10 pubic hairs that exceed an inch in length when fully "stretched" and measured.

Exercise denial !

Fans of "predicament bondage" will enjoy this tease............

First you need an ordinary gym weight bench like this:

And two pairs of thumbcuffs: one to lock her thumbs together, and the other set for locking her big toes together:

slut edging and squirting

a slut edging and squirting.
Tease your self for 48 hours without orgasm like you are used to , that means at least 2 sessions a day.
Then masturbate for 20 mins so you are really horny and having mikro orgasms.
Now start a 15 mins recording where you tell the tumblr users 3 things while still teasing without orgasms:
1) your likes and turn ons
2) what kind of slut you are
3) a detailed gangbang fantasy of yours

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