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Submissive female.

Making progress

I haven't checked in on here in a while - as someone mentioned earlier, this site is getting a bit quiet and part of the fun of sharing on here is getting feedback, so. Anyway.

Want to be a mess all day

For my first post here, I decided I want to share a fantasy day I hope my Master will allow me to try. I've woken up less horny than I like and that just seemed like a waste of a perfectly good Sunday. So I sent this fantasy to him.

Cumming between shaves

How about only allowing her to cum between shaves? By that I mean this:

She must grow out a "full" bush in order to be able to cum. Then once she cums, she is shaved (or waxed) completely bare and cannot cum again until her bush grows fully back.

"Full" can be defined as a certain ruler measurement of a sample of say 10 pubic hairs. Say she has to have at least 10 pubic hairs that exceed an inch in length when fully "stretched" and measured.

Exercise denial !

Fans of "predicament bondage" will enjoy this tease............

First you need an ordinary gym weight bench like this:

And two pairs of thumbcuffs: one to lock her thumbs together, and the other set for locking her big toes together:

2 weeks

Its been 2 weeks since my last orgasm and im getting very desperate, I havnt felt this horny in a long while, I miss this feeling of constant arousal and longing to cum, im always wet and my clit swells everytime I think about my denial and not being allowed to cum. Im dripping wet as I write this and probably will be the rest of the day

slut edging and squirting

a slut edging and squirting.
Tease your self for 48 hours without orgasm like you are used to , that means at least 2 sessions a day.
Then masturbate for 20 mins so you are really horny and having mikro orgasms.
Now start a 15 mins recording where you tell the tumblr users 3 things while still teasing without orgasms:
1) your likes and turn ons
2) what kind of slut you are
3) a detailed gangbang fantasy of yours


Havnt written here in awhile, just thought I would stop by with an update :) ive been on several denial journeys in the past year or so, all of them were were great they all left me a horny desperate mess and then at the end brought the greatest orgasm ive ever had. Ive been left to stew in my horniest for weeks at time and Ive enjoyed every minute of it. At the moment unfortunately I dont have a sir any more so I havnt been teased and denied for awhile which sucks but hopefully I can get back into it soon.

Orgasm denial site - orgasmchallenge

I have found this site:

To win a challenge and money every girl have to hold back her orgasm for 10 minutes being stimulated by a guy. If she can't hold back and cums - she looses.

This one video is for free:

PS. I don't have proper credit card to take this videos and maybe somebody have videos from this site?

denial december

Denial december is fast approaching! If your up for the challenge and would like to start out the new year hornier than ever before, make the commitment to yourself. Take an oath, verbally committing yourself to completing A month of frustration, arousal, and sexual need. Then prepare yourself by immediately abstaining from masturbation from the moment your mind tells you that this is something you want to do. Not one last orgasm, start at that moment. You can back out at any time before dec. 1 but stay strong.

Female Tease of the Day 7

Female Tease of the Day 7

1) Edge yourself using either two fingers inside, making small fast circles over your clit.

2) Count the number of strokes it takes to get you there.

3) Take a break by teasing or pinching your nipples your favorite way until you have settled down.

4) Subtract four from your original number. Use the same method for the new number of strokes. And start again

5) After you reach four or less, go back up by fours, taking breaks to tease or pinch your nipples, until you reach the original number of strokes.

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