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Submissive male.

Panties and denial, update 5

Saturday. Last night we had a bbq with friends, it was very cosy, and there was plenty of beer, so again no sex with my girlfriend fridaynight.

Panties and denial, update 4

Last Friday i went to the store, still a bit nervous, and found myself two nice panties. One is silky black with white, pink and red flowers on it. The other one grey silky with a small pink bow tie in front and lacy edges. The saleswoman at the pay desk didn’t mention anything and reacted very professional when I paid. Then, out to find the nearest public toilet to change into the black with flowers panties. In the whole mall, there was no toilet to find, so i went to my car and decided to take the first public toilet to find on my way home.

Panties and denial, update 3

Friday, again a work day, but the last one for the weekend! Again no sex last night with my girlfriend, despite me being very affectionate.
At work, i took a panties out of the bag, this time a small thong, blue with little white dots, a little bow tie in front and some white lace lines over it, very girlie. But a little bit small, so my penis and balls are a bit jammed. But i love the feeling of this girlie underwear and the thought of me wearing this the whole day, no one knowing i wear this, i hope…

Panties and denial, update 2

Thursday, another work day.

Panties and denial update 1

Update 1
Wednesday was my first day following my new rules.

Panties and denial

As my nickname says, i am a sub who loves panties. Besides that, i also love some tease and denial very much.
In real life, i have a girlfriend whom i live together with. She knows about my little “fetishes”, but doesn’t want to do anything with it. The sex we have is great though, so no complaints about that.
But, as i found out recently, i can’t fool myself and keep loving panties and tease and denial. So i have put myself on some rules which i have to live by every day.

Here are my rules:
1. My girlfriend may not be bothered at all by my “fetishes” and this rules.


Hi Everyone,

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First Post - 56 days and counting, denial, tease, and cross dressing

My Goddess recently came across this website and told me I should start posting here. It make me very nervous, as orgasm denial was never part of our original agreement. But then, most of what she's done wasn't part of our original agreement.

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Cross-dressed and Denied

First entry - this is only to learn how it works. How do you upload pictures?First entry - this is only to learn how it works. How do you upload pictures?First entry - this is only to learn how it works. How do you upload pictures?First entry - this is only to learn how it works. How do you upload pictures?

Four days and counting...

So this is my first time posting on here, so I'll do my best. After several amazing orgasms Saturday night, I have been in denial ever since. It started sunday night, when my master informed me of my edging schedule, every two hours except when at work, then had me give him a good long blowjob. afterwards he licked my clit for a while and left me hanging. Things really kicked up Monday, for about two hours my master played with me, having me give him a back massage, then fucking me like crazy and not allowing me to cum.

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