Excessive but pleasant overstimulation of nerves.
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Forced exhibitionism, tickling, and denial

I don't share much on here (as you can tell by my username!), but I don't think I have seen this story shared on this site before - and I think it's exquisite: An Exercise In Dominance

One Hundred and Twenty Teases

Surely, as a nice central resource, we can assemble 50 self-teases (S), 50 teases with friends (F), and 20 tasks to do before an orgasm is allowed (T). Mine are written with females in mind, obviously male versions are welcome.

S1) Go on a sexual chat site and tell them you need permission to come, and that you'll have to earn it. Carry out any commands given you which you can do without endangering yourself or leaving the chat site. Beg them to let you come. If given contradictory commands from many people, choose which one to follow, but aside from that you must obey every command given to you by anyone. You start out with a command to edge every five minutes and let them see it, or if you aren't okay with video, tell them you're doing it. If nobody gives you permission to come after 30 minutes, go on no-touch the rest of the day. As soon as somebody gives you permission to come, edge, pinch your clitoris painfully hard for 30 seconds, and then it's over - do not actually come.

S2) Read erotica at your favorite site for 30 minutes. Edge each time somebody in the story has an orgasm. Afterward, stay on no-touch for the rest of the day.

S3) Tease yourself to one level of arousal below the edge, stay on there for a minute, let it fade a little, tease yourself up again. Never edge. You must do this for at least 30 minutes. You can touch yourself as much as you want today, but can never get any closer than this to the edge.

F1) Find one or more people you can give orgasms. Serve them. Each time they have an orgasm, you will be punished with a hairbrush, switch, nipple twisting, or your other (least) favorite punishment. Carry on for at least an hour or until they let you go.

My time in denial

Hey everyone *waves*
Im new to this site and iv basicaly joined so i can share my stories and experiences with all of you, also im always looking for advice and guidance.

Im currently serving my master and into my first week or orgasam denial with him, we have been together for just about 2 weeks now so we are at the begining of our relationship.
He is determind on keeping me frustrated at all times and has came up with a "schedule" to keep me right, so tonight my tasks are :

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A picture of female orgasm denial by artist Kamitora.
Kamitora has done several of this kind of pictures, and this one is the latests so far.
Just click the link below to go to the page where the picture is.


a couple of webteases (for women and men)

Hi! It's been a little while.... I've recently written two webteases, which are suitable for women and men. The main topic is anilingus, but there's also a lot of orgasm denial, teasing, tickling, full bladder play, &c. Each page has a little story, which for me is almost the best part (especially in the second tease). Hopefully you'll think they're worth doing, or at least worth reading and looking at the pretty pictures. Unlike many of the teases on that site, I have pictures of all kinds of women, not just the youngish and (typically) pretty. Enjoy!

ULTRA-sub w/m Bondage/Cunnilingus slave seeks large, bossy, sexually aggressive Black Woman!!!

I am looking...I am a 58 yr. old ULTRA-sub w/m Bondage/Cunnilingus slave...I am 5'9", 130 lbs. and slender...I am college educated, (History degree), well read and well traveled...I am into cooking/baking and do custom breads, pastries, etc...am smoking two chickens in my cold smoker at the moment...I like to read, bicycle (a lot), Skydive, tunnel fly and more...I live in the Denver area and am looking for a serious Mistress/slave relationship with a large, bossy, sexually aggressive Black Woman who takes charge sexually and TAKES what she wants...she should be very oriented to Cunnilingus as

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