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Today i made Eve do the (only) female webtease at milovana. com and she was extremely turned on. It was extra humiliating for her because she was being teased by a female, which in turn turned her on. Are there more of these anywhere? We should make some if not. I definately recommend this for subs who haven't tried it. The one that is up there isn't hard at all.

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re: webteases

"Today i made Eve do the (only) female webtease at milovana. com "

Gee what a big shock. Only one female tease on that site. I've never visited that site and after hearing that, never will. Was orgasmdenial.com not enough for these male subs that they have to start dominating every other site out there including this one? I find it almost impossible to believe that more females are not into this fetish but I guess I could be wrong. Maybe it's not dominated completely by sub males on this site but give it time and it will be like everything else. Don't look hard phantom for anymore female teases cause I'm sure you'll be wasting your time. Yes, I'm very frustrated how this fetish is represented on the internet. I probably have offended some male subs but that wasn't my intenet. I'm just totally burned out on seeing 99.9% of everything OD related being male dominated. In my honest opinion men should be men and not submissive, but that's just me talking.

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Hurray for Andrea

I agree all the way with you Mistress Andrea. I'm so happy someone just came out and said it. I tune in to the site strictly for female content. I don't have anything against male subs but I just don't ever read about it. Like you said it's over represented.

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I don't think male denial is

I don't think male denial is over represented, I just think female denial is vastly under represented.....

"Men do not want solely the obedience of women, they want their sentiments. All men, except the most brutish, desire to have, in the woman most nearly connected with them, not a forced slave, but a willing one."

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Both right

I agree wholeheartedly with Andrea that male denial is totally over represented and I'm sick of it too. On the other hand I agree with Wood that female denial is vastly under represented. This is one of the reasons I voted in favor of a year of denial for Susan, hoping to hear some hot stories from it. ;)

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female webteases are rare

I concur with andrea that there is very little Female denial material represented anywhere. I have searched thoroughly over the years and found this to be the only site dedicated to female teasing and denial. Of the dozens of OD sites, this is the only one which represents the female submissive point of view. Of the thousands and thousands of D/s websites none offer this particular content, an occasional story makes an appearance or even more rare an experience is related but that’s it. Even here as of late I have noticed more male oriented material.

It is very frustrating that there is not a wider distribution of this ideal. Admittedly I have trouble understanding the male submissive psyche and cannot relate to that desire. I do not fault male submissives for pursuing their natures. However, I certainly want this site to stay centered on female denial and would be very disappointed if that were not the case.

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Appealing idea


I am thinking you should join susan in her year long adventure.
That way we would have twice as many hot stories to hear!!


Female denial, a fetish for the better half

I agree with the sentiment of this post. I am a sub, and male. I was only a smidgen bothered (Only because I'm quite a real man, outside of my bedroom activities), but was not offended. It takes a whole lot more effort and intelligence to successfully tease and/or deny most women then it does men. Most people want everything, including sex, to be easy as pie. Even baking a pie is too much for the average american nowadays, if you get my drift. You will see very little female denial content, but the vast majority of what you see is of fairly high quality. You can't say that about the male denial stuff.

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You never know!

I'm not sure if I've talked to you before Creative, I've only visited the chat a few times. I once was denied orgasm for 11 months and was belted much of the time. Before that I was a chronic masturbater so it was very tough. I haven't posted for a long time because of marital problems. Long story short, my husband Rick cheated on me and I have spent the past several months deciding what to do. Along the way I have met a certain someone.

Last Tuesday I filed for divorce realizing I can no longer trust him or any other man for that matter. So you may have guessed by now the certain someone is a she. Her name is Shelly. I had never had any bi tendencies before this but she really pushes my buttons and I've embraced this new relationship all the way. I met her through alt.com. She enjoys BDSM activities along with tease and denial. She is a beautiful 29 year old with short red hair. We have already done some tease and denial together and she is very good at it. She's all domme, no submissive side to her at all.

So like I said you never know. I'm sure I'll be going through some denial myself though I doubt for as long as Susan. Speaking of which, I wanted to clear something up. I don't hate Susan at all, in fact she is one of the main reasons I joined this site. I admire her and her stories. I was just feeling particularly bitchy the day I voted for the one year denial. I realize I have been chosen to hear her appeals after certain months. I will keep an open mind as she has requested. I would say the odds are against me granting her an orgasm but then again I might.

I agree with Cybersave when he said that most female denial stories are of good quality. I also agree most male stories are very boring. There are so damn many of them they all start sounding the same after a while. Just as creative authority said, it would be very sad to see this site become overrun by such stories. Three's plenty of other places for them in my opinion.

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here here

I agree Andrea. An all female site would be really wonderful. :)

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One thing I've thought about that would be great, when I finally do update the site, would be a way of filtering things that you're not interested in. So you simply wouldn't see any male-related material if you didn't want to.

I haven't though it all through yet (if, for instance, an article is about both something you like and something you dislike), but I think the idea has potential. I suggested something similar for Milovana a while back.

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My Feelings Exactly Andrea

I have not posted on the site in over five months, after only one month of being active on the site. In that one month the site started its rapid (pardon the pun) transition to a male orgasm denial site. I have only checked the site very infrequently lately, but it is even more dominated by male subs than ever. Other than Susan's ongoing saga, there is virtually nothing related to female subs. Thanks for saying what many of us feel, but hesitated to say.

Joyce L
I bid you adieu!

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Thanks for the back up guys

Thank you Joyce and others who stood up and agreed with me on this. I really thought I was going to get blasted by the politically correct lib crowd on this but I guess not. One of the reasons Susan and I were happy and comfortable to contribute here was because it truly was a female only site when we became members. For at least the first year the male forums were empty. I can even remember specifically reading somewhere that Reynard said eventually he would scrap the male forums all together. I have looked for that thread but can't seem to find it. Must have been in a comment to a thread. Susan is actually the one who brought this up to me as I don't really frequent the site as often as she. While chatting a few weeks ago she pointed out that 8 of the first 10 most current posts were under "Male Denial". We were both annoyed considerably by this. Like I said before, nothing against males and orgasm denial but JFC, they have so many outlets out there and now the feel the need to take over this forum too which was supposed to be mainly for us women. I for one have lost a lot of interest in the site and I know for certain Susan feels the same way. It really is a shame. :( Let the boys have their site and let us girls have our own place where we can be comfortable and be the main attraction.

Mistress Andrea

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Testosterone poisoning?

A few people warned me early on this would eventually happen, and I probably should have paid more attention to them. I've probably lost quite a few people over this issue. Still, things were fairly slow and manageable back then - and there just wasn't much of anything on here at all!

I want to be able to welcome everyone here, and I personally have interests in both sides of the equation. But I have been getting concerned with the amount of male-oriented content lately, as it's starting to overwhelm the female-oriented stuff and turn the women members away.

And I know... I've been promising to fix things for a while, maybe by reorganising or removing some parts of the site.

My current thoughts are, as I mentioned, some kind of filter system to hide topics you have no interest in. I'll have to think it through properly, and it would mean implementing my own content management system. It's a fairly big and daunting job however I look at it though. The other big consideration is porting all the existing stuff over into a new system. I have some awesome ideas, but it will take a while, so please bear with me.

In the meantime, I'll have a go at hacking the recent posts page a bit more to create something a bit more useful to everyone. Please note you can also use the navigation menu at the right to look at only female related posts.

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I've been thinking about this topic, and wanted to weigh in with my thoughts. I did notice, one day a week or two ago, that suddenly there was a lot more male content than there had been. I was a little irked about that, but figured it would pass, and it has.

While I am very, VERY glad that this site's focus is female denial, I'm sure there's a reason that the few men we have here seek this site out instead of the many others available to them. The tone here is different from what I've seen anywhere else on the internet, and the few male subs who are "fixtures" here do add something to the site. I'd hate to see them go, or be banned.

As for the scarcity of female posts lately, I'm expect they'll pick up again soon, too. People are busy during the Christmas season, and I think the chat room is an outlet for some who are hesitant to post, but like the real-time dialogue.

I trust Reynard to carefully think through any changes before they're made - you do a great job here, sir!

Well said

WhimsyZen--I've been holding off posting in this thread because I just couldn't quite find the words--Now I see the reason I couldn't find 'em is because you had them all along. :) So I second what she said--I just scanned the last 2 screens of "recent posts" and I actually don't see an avalanche of male denial stuff.

I do see that with respect some of the people who are complaining here are the same people who have been extensively engaging the male denial content and participating in its proliferation for example by becoming online Mistresses taking "control" over the male subs. Seems to me if something is not of interest to you, don't post in the thread. I don't see that anyone "sees the need to take over." I see that some see a desire to belong and participate--I don't want to see it become a predominantly male sub site either but I'm mostly content to simply not participate in threads that don't interest me. As Zen pointed out--things wax and wane in natural ebbs and flows--no one's permanently taking over IMHO.

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I know

Rapid is our friend and always will be. I'd do it again if he wanted. Notice Susan made him be a woman when she was his Mistress. I've actually never had a problem with Rapid's content for whatever reason. To me he is a male writer who is good at posting.

Well leave it up to me to stir up a bunch of shit! No apologies I'm glad I did it. Someone had to say it so it may as well be the biggest bitch of us all. :)

I sort of look at it this way

I sort of look at it this way. Before you can tease and torture someone by denying them orgasm, you have to be able to bring them to orgasm in the first place. And with lots of guys, well...

Actually this is a pretty unique site. With lots of cool people, and I'm really glad I found it.

And most submissive men really aren't, but that's another topic, and I've had too much to drink to get into it.


"Yearning hurts, and what release may come of it feels much like death." - Heraclitus

While admitting that I have n

While admitting that I have not yet read the full thread, allow me to make the suggestion and raise the point (if it has not already been made) that, on the Internet, anyone can pretend to be anyone else, for the most part. This means that while a content management system is not a bad idea, it is only as smart as a computer is, and it is very easy to lie to a computer. I can too easily foresee a future by which sites like these are overridden not by blatant testosterone-driven men, but by men pretending not to be.

I believe this is a social problem, not a technological one, if it is really a problem at all. Thus, the answer to this all-too-common problem must also be a social one. That is, unfortunately, a bigger problem than any technological challenge, but it is not insurmountable. See, for example, the Wikipedia culture.


WhimsyZen, you are very clear

WhimsyZen, you are very clearly not so easily swayed by the mere whims of the moment. ;)

I often find that people overreact to just about everything before giving it some thought. And anything can be proven (or disproven), justified or explained, when the decision lacks the time required for rational thought.

...but I'll get off my soapbox now.


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male denial

To hell with the male orgasm denial stories. When I see one here I just roll my eyes and ignore it. You don't have to read something that annoys you so that's my advice. I understand your annoyance though I feel the same way. If I want to read about that stuff there's plenty of other places to get it, but I'll pass. :sick:


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Yeah, what he said, the probl

Yeah, what he said, the problem in my eyes isn't too many men....it's partly that (some) women are so easily intimidated by there being a few men on the site....and it puts them off posting, and partly that there aren't enough women willing/wanting to talk about things like this on the web...I don't believe for a second that there aren't just as many (hopefully more) into it...

"Pain is a relatively objective, physical phenomenon; suffering is our psychological resistance to what happens. Events may create physical pain, but they do not in themselves create suffering. Resistance creates suffering."

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well said

The users of this site are the best way to keep it with the content we want. Also echoing MongoJerry's comment about NOT commenting on threads that you find distasteful. If those posters are ignored, they'll eventually leave.

Maymay, as always your post

Maymay, as always your posts are welcome, intelligent and thoughtful.

If I am reading correctly, people are not so concerned with the gender of the poster as the content of the post. I believe that some of the "female" characters on this board are actually authored by males and while that kills those particular posts for me, there is probably something in them that doesn't speak to me that brings me to that belief in the first place. If others think the content is great, that is up to them.

I have some overarching interests, and while I much prefer female subs to male ones, there are male experiences here that I find far more interesting/titillating (depending) than some of the female ones, just because that style speaks to me more.

Reynard did a great quick fix, and, as WhimsyZen and others said, if unwanted posts are ignored their authors will fade from the site.


This is the problem I have with abandoning this site, even for the good of it's original intent. There's a lot of crap out there, and not much of anything worth looking at comes from sources outside of this place, aside from a few flaky servers from around the world. Usually not primarily English either (and though I'm multilingual, I prefer this one).

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Thank You

Mistress Andrea, you have a good point about Male participation on this board and its place here. I am happy to be considered your friend, because first and foremost that is what I consider myself. I have always tried and will continue to respect the fact that this is a Femal Denial Board. I like women, and not only as sex objects. If the men here, and the old timers do, respect women and get to be known before they ask for sexual activities, there would be no problem. Males must remember Females almost always want to know those they are talking to before they become involved, and a lot of the women here want nothing to do with men sexually. If everybody just remembers that, the problems will go away....rapid

Honestly, (and I'd hate to so

Honestly, (and I'd hate to sound selfish) I'd vote on completely removing the male denial aspects of this sight. As has been stated before multiple times, there is more than enough male denial content out there. The interweb certainly doesn't need anymore of it, what it does need is a source of good quality Female denial, and that (at least for the time being) can be found here.

I understand you want this place to be accepting of everyone, but the reality of the situation isn't going to work out like that. For instance on Milovana, there was (briefly) a section devoted to confessions, run by *gasp* an actual girl. That lasted what? A few weeks? It got overrun by all the needy clingy male subs that apparently have severe social disfuntion (That was kind of mean and angry to say, but that's how I feel). I'd hate to see that happen here, and unfortunatly I think the only way to deal with that is the same way you deal with cancer... cut it out.

Mistress Andrea's picture


Myya, welcome back! All I can say is that is the greatest thing I have ever read on the internet or anywhere else, period. I admire you in an enormous way for saying EXACTLY how I felt. I thought I was pretty straight forward but I admit I held a little back. You pinned the tail on the donkey. THANK YOU Myya. :jawdrop:

Why content restriction is a bad idea

When I first wrote this, I intended not to sound condescending, but after I had finished I realized I could not remove the tone of agitation from my post. With that caveat and noting that my remarks are entirely targetted to what I perceived as several ill thought-out remarks, here is what I wrote:

Don't you think that the fact that Milovana.com advertises itself as a source for male-submissive webteases might have something to do with the vast quantity of male submissives on that site and the lack of female submissive content?

Using the same logic, does it not follow that the fact that that confessions section was also advertised as a place where men could admit failure to complete a webtease seem to naturally invite male submissive content, especially considering that the woman running it is an intelligent, dominant heterosexual woman who wrote primarily about denying her boyfriend and encouraged men to write about their female-dominant fantasies?

You are mistakenly comparing apples to oranges if you truly think that site is remotely like this one.

Why do you think this site has stayed populated with only women, dominant men, and a mere handful of submissive men? It's because the obvious focus of this site is female submission and denial and, frankly, most of the men you seem to despise would voluntarily have nothing to do with a site centered on the subject of female submission, so why are you so up in arms about anything anyway? All of the aforementioned groups are growing. We're getting new single and partnered women writing about their denial pretty frequently, which I think is fantastic.

Thank goodness for your sake and for those like Mistress Andrea that this site and its creator appreciates diversity and its strengths, for if he did not you would find yourself without at least this content outlet thanks to the male-dominated narrowmindedness of the majority of female denial websites whose sole interest is female denial at the hands of the male dominants.

I think if you (and Mistress Andrea, et al.) took the time to appreciate quality input regardless of its source you'll find that part of what makes the "good quality female denial" content on this site is it's diverse influences, which breeds an environment of true discussion and insight (and isn't that always hotter than the same old things repeated ad nauseum). Yes, there is some not-so-quality content, but that is a subjective statement no matter who says it nor is it a statement whose application is constrained to the male contributors. The only way you can define good quality content, by the way, is to compare it against content whose quality is not as good. Restrict content in any way and you are shooting yourself in the foot; the goal should be creating tools that make it easier to find content you consider to be good quality and promoting a social culture of enrichment, not exorcising a particular group's dislikes.

And finally, though I've tried to remain as objective as I could on an intellectual level while writing this, I want to mention that your remark comparing male submissive's postings to cancer is somewhat offensive. I am in absolute agreement with you in regards to feeling like the vast majority of men who post on internet discussion forums are analogous to a cancer or some disgusting cybervirus, but that emotion is very specifically targetted to those men who do not contribute any thoughtful input of their own. There are leeches like that who happen to be female, too, by the way, and if you generalize in that way without qualifications or some level of minimal forethought you are liable to become that which you seek to "cut out."


Content restriction = less good content

Yes, the bad content would be mostly erradicated, but so would some of the good. When I write (and I'll admit it's been a while), it's always female denial. If I were eradicated from the sight that would disappear. As a switch (mostly sub in real life), most of my content is of male denial since I write about all of it from time to time. However, I feel that my best content is of female denial, hence my interest in being here (alongside the higher quality nature of this board). I do not proclaim to be an awesome author, but user comments have welcomed my writings to continue. I would stop posting any male content if asked by the right people, but by the same token my interest in the board would go down, and the writings would all but cease on the female denial stories here. Filtering does indeed allow my (and I speak for myself, but believe others work like this as well) interest in this community to keep going up without having to bother most of the female denial seekers, and therefore my desire to write can remain high. My only delay in writing right now is the fact that the holidays and a double shift at work have occupied my writing time.

If it were up to me

If it were up to me (which it isn't, anymore than it is up to anyone else who has chimed in), this talk of banning content based on individuals' preferences would stop and never return. Maymay, Rapid, Cybersave and anyone else who has ever been wished gone by individuals who happen not to like what you post, my own advice is to try to ignore it all. And to those who are harping on this subject I hope/wish you'll consider simply ignoring threads that don't strike your fancy in the future. Trying to insist that anyone who posts stuff you don't like is somehow unwelcome and working to generate a collective movement in that direction is not a positive contribution
to the content of the site.

I've been the recipient of that sort of thing myself in the past, notably from one of the same sources openly wishing you gone now and I really find it silly. If you don't like something, don't read it. Or say, gee I didn't like that so much. Or man I really hated that post. Whatever. But the idea that someone or some content can or should be "driven out" by another member or group of members who lack any actual "authority" to enforce their own vision of what this place "ought to" be is silly. That I'm not into male denial myself is beside the point. As long as y'all are finding something here that you enjoy I hope you'll stay and ignore this off topic background noise.

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