Pee Fantasy (non-orgasm denial related)

This has nothing to do with orgasm denial, but it's 1 of my most arousing fantasies and since it seems a lot of us here are into pee holding stuff, I thought I'd share, feel free to ignore if it's not your thing. I just LOVE thinking about pregnant ladies getting ultrasounds! It's got everything to make a desperation perfect storm. You take someone who has something inside her pressing down on her bladder and making her need to pee every 5 minutes anyway, make her drink a bunch of water and tell her not to pee for a few hours, then you lay her down and take something and run it over her bladder area, and sometimes you have to press down kinda hard. Just thinking about a full-to-bursting bladder getting pressed on from the inside and the outside drives me crazy! And then I start thinking about things that could "go wrong", like if they accidentaly told her to drink twice as much or hold it twice as long (or even better BOTH!), or maybe she's carrying more than 1 baby, putting an extra amount of pressure on her poor bladder, or maybe she happens to get prescribed a diuretic and accidently forgets she took it and takes a double dose that day, or ALL OF THE ABOVE! And gets a sick, perverted ultrasound tech (like I would be if this were my job) who presses down on her bladder harder and for longer than neccessary, while commenting on how full her bladder obviously is and how bad she must need to pee and how good it'll feel when I finally let her. I'd have large water-themed pictures prominently displayed on the walls, have a "relaxing" recording of water sounds playing, and maybe if I've got a sink in there, I'll turn on the tap and let it trickle! Of course if I were a man I'd never get away with this, as my constant erection whilst attending to patients would immediately give away my ulterior motive. But since I'm female and nobody can tell how "happy" my clit is under my clothes...*grins evily* So I looked up the instructions for a full bladder pregnancy ultrasound and it sayd to pee 2 hours ahead of the appointment, then drink at least 36 ounces of water in no more than 1 hour, then wait another hour (and DON'T PEE!!!). I'm thinking of trying this, drinking per these instructions, waiting the prescribed time and then seeing if I can stand laying still whilst pressing on my bladder the way an ultrasound tech would. Anyone else wanna try this on themselves and/or thier sub?


Edge, stop pussyfooting

Edge, stop pussyfooting around! Get a bowl and small cup, take it to your room, drink 3-4 bottles of water, hold in your pee until you can't hold it any longer, pee it out in the bowl, scoop a cum, give it a taste, realize its exactly the same as tap water, then drink up!

We all want you to do it :) And it should make for an awesome post! You can do it Edge!


I'm planning to act out this scene (with me in the patient role though), so started looking up "full bladder pregnancy ultrasound instructions" to get the sepcifics. Most common instructions are drink 32 oz of water within 30 mins, starting to drink 2 hours before the appointment. But I've seen everything from a mild 20 oz 45 mins before to a more intimidating 40 oz 2 hours before. So I did the easy 20 oz version tonight, the way they said it they could've meant 45 mins after you started drinking, by which point I didn't have to pee at all. But I took it to mean 45 mins after you finished drinking, so that's what I did. I drank the 20 oz in excatly hafl an hour, felt the 1st twinge of fullness (what I call "feeling tinkly" lol) almost exactly 30 mins after finishing the water (1 hour after starting), though the urge buit rather quickly from there. At 45 mins I was maybe 7 out of 10 on desperation. I wanted to pee-pee dance and/or grab my crotch but didn't NEED TO to maintain control. Really had to consiously squeeze my sphincter shut though, every time my mind wandered I could feel the pee rushing towars my urethra and the gates trying to open. So then I went and measured and it was only 10 oz of pee (I have a teensy lil bladder, lol). Also forgot about the part where you have to endure your bladder being pressed on for several mins. So I'm planning to try this again with a tougher version (more water and/or more wait time) and remembering the bladder torture session at the end. But I have some questions. 1. Which "prep method" do you recommend (how much to drink + how long to hold it)? 2. What household object might I use to simulate the ultrasound wand (was thinking maybe a flashlight but could use something heavier like a small dumbbell for extra agony) pressing on my bladder? 3. What should I wear (I'm pretty sure I'll wet myself so should I wet in a diaper or in panties)? 4. How long should I torture my bladder with the "wand" (I've read the exam lasts anywhere from 5 mins to an hour)? Keep in mind, I'm not pregnant so perhaps should be given tougher instructions to compensate for that and more acurately simulate how I'd feel if I was, while on the other hand remember that I do have an extremely small bladder, which may make you more lenient or even harder on me if your really sadistic, lol. BTW, the 1 that said drink 20 oz 45 mins before, was actually 1 that said "you'll need a VERY full bladder" (I've seen that, "unconfortably full bladder" and just full bladder on various sites), but I wouldn't say it made my bladder VERY full.

@mastersubswitch: If you'll tell me what to do withthe above scenario, I'll drink my pee after that, k?

Challenge accepted :)

Deal! Don't forget, if you drink plenty of water beforehand and your pee is relatively clear with a hint of yellow, it tastes EXACTLY like warm tap water, promise :D

I want you to pee in a bowl, its easy to contain, easy to sneak it to your room undetected, and easy to clean. Get a plastic or clear cup, it must be clear so you can see what you're drinking, its no fun if its hot hitting home that you're drinking your own pee otherwise :p As far as clothing, this will be done in your room, so do it naked. When I was drinking my pee for Mistress, she made me hold 4 medium sized bottles worth of water for roughly half an hour, then went on some errands for an hour or so while I sat desperate to pee next to the toilet. I found my desperation to pee much more severe when I was naked, because all that runs through your mind is that there are literally no steps before peeing, I didn't have to strip down, walk to the toilet, get in position, NOTHING! And that made it soo much harder to bear. I didn't make it of course, I think I lasted 45-50mins before I started getting really strong cramps in my sides, bladder and in the head of Mistress's cock. It was easily the strongest and most desperate urge to pee I have ever experienced. Ever.

So do it naked in your room. Get a decent sized bowl and a clear plastic cup. Get on all fours with your pussy hovering over the bowl. The aim is to be in a pissing ready position. Be warned, this really messes with your head :p There are no risks to peeing, yet your holding it in till it causes physical pain :p

Units and time:
For me, 32oz or 4 16oz bottles of water was absolutely perfect, the pressure came gradually and I peed a hell of a lot. I peed without permission after around 45-50mins when the cramps got too much, and I peed everything out, or so I thought! After Mistress came back and realized I had disobeyed, within maybe 10mins I went from having a freshly flushed bladder to really needing the toilet again. It turned out that I had peed probably 3/4 of the pee out and had a whole lot left! It was this second piss that I drank, and it was heaps! So, 32oz of water, and for the sake of experimentation, just hold it till you start feeling strong cramps, then pee in the bowl :)

The ultrasound effect:
Go on all fours with your pussy nice and close to the bowl to collect your pee. In this position, how you will mimic the pressure is simple. Place something like a few shoe boxes on top of each with a small cushion on top, or a guitar, or round garbage can, or anything which you can gently lower yourself onto. Place this object just under your bladder while in this all fours position. From here, you just lower your bladder against the object and VIOLA! You can now press down as hard as you possibly can with your own body weight providing the pressure. The best part is you have no risks, you can literally hold this pee inside you and push down for as long as you can and if you do gush out, you have a reliable means to collect your yummy piss and drink it later :) Remember, warm tap water! Well, you'll see :P

What do you think?? I hope you like it! :D

sounds good except

I hardly ever get bladder cramps, almost always lose control before then. And I'd really like a specific time, cause without it I'll be tempted to le go too early I think. Plus it plays into my ultrasound prep fantasy. BTW, 4 16 oz bottles is 64 oz, not 32.

Lucky :P my bladder cramps

Lucky :P my bladder cramps hurt like hell! Okay, 64oz of water (thanks for the correction, we don't use oz in Australia :p) is a lot, after drinking, hold it for 1 hour, then start putting force on ur bladder for the next 30mins, then pee :P

Anything else? I wan't this to be a special experience for you since its your first time :)

I had to go and correct you...

It'll prolly take me awhile to drink that much, should the holding time start when i start drinking or after I finish? Also, just to make the experience complete should I watch and listen to some of those "don't watch if you need to pee" youtube vids like this?

Start the timer when you

Start the timer when you finish the second bottle, then within the first 10mins of the 1st hour, finished the other 2 bottles. Use common sense for safety of course, take a break from drinking when you need to :) Don't watch those videos, they are too short, change too often and will be a welcomed distraction. Instead focus on the desperation to pee and make sure youre always aware of the bowl. The knowledge that you could safely pee without a mess or any movement will really work your willpower :) After the 90 minutes, scoop a cup full of pee, give it a taste, then drink it down :)


will do!

EXCELLENT! I can't wait to

EXCELLENT! I can't wait to read all about it! :D Good on your EdgeOfGlory, not many people get to fulfill a fantasy :o I guarantee you will enjoy the experience :D

If at all possible, see if you can strategically position some mirrors around so you can see yourself pee! OMG HOTT!!!! D:

some of those vids

are longer and they really work for me though. maybe i should watch them during the initial filling phase, before i "have my appointment" (start applying bladder pressure)?

There is an addon/app thing

There is an addon/app thing on google chrome called youtube replay, its obvious what it does. If it (listening to the videos) works for you, do it! And yes, just during the filling in phase :) No music at the doctors :p

watching myself pee

wouldn't do much for me, unless i was wetting my clothes. It's really about the loss of control than jus the peeing for me.

I got a brilliant idea! :D

Put the cup you're going to be drinking from IN THE BOWL!!! D: Try to fill the cup and when it over flows it will just go in the bowl for you to drink later! Mistress's balls are currently tied up for you ;) day 1 of your 10 days! :D

I usually

download vids with youtube downloader then play in winamp on repeat. Though actually the changes to different types of water images/sounds works for me sonetimes. What I'd really love to find but haven't yet, is an audio recording of someone teasing the listener about how they (the listener) has to pee SOOO BAD and how that feels and how good peeing feels if only they could ect. I'm really into verbal teasing, wish there was more out there for orgasm denial, this is the best I've found and it's awesome but wish there were more (I'll warn you there are sexy gifs on the left hand side):

good idea!

I appreciate your willingness to pay due penance for the heinous crime of torturing my poor needy clit!

I'm going to perfect the knot

I'm going to perfect the knot in NoVibeSoon...ish's .pdf first. I must be doing something wrong coz it burns, leaves deep red marks, and makes me feel like im gonna POP! Today was free ;) all for you!

Sorry for torturing ur clit :( if it helps, Mistress told me to start my 56 days no touch again...i might touch mid Jan next year :( ...and im banned from porn :( ...and Mistress's balls and cock hurt from the denial :( ...and Macy is sick :( i hope gets better :)

When will you do this whole pregnancy pee fantasy??

i'll do it

tomorrow night

orca's picture

Gentle intercourse with a full bladder

During these winter months, my husband and I have grown fond of snuggling together for a while each morning, right after waking up, which often leads to other things. We will each have to pee, but don't want to separate, or crawl out from under the warm covers any sooner than we have to, so we'll hold it and have sex regardless.

I was suprised at just how delightful this can be! When I'm extremely full it can be too uncomfortable to enjoy, but short of that point, so long as he avoids any vigorous movements, just being coupled together and gently rocking can feel so nice-- especially if we've been avoiding orgasm for a few weeks. I guess it's the extra pressure on erogenous tissues (deep clitoral crura, and prostate for him) helping to increase our sensitivity?

I'm gonna start in a couple hours

once mom's tucke in bed. 64 oz is alot, my stomach might not be able to handle that much. The water I've got is 20oz bottles, I can manage 2 bottles (40 oz, most amount I've seen as actual ultrasound prep) I know, will see how much of a 3rd I can manage. I'll stop before I feel sick though, after all the goal is an "uncomfortably full" BLADDER not stomach. Also just realized, your idea to put the bowl under my pussy, that means it's between my legs, which means I'll have to kep my legs open (no help from crossing them) whilst holding my very full and pressured bladder! *gulp* I may not be able to hold it in for the whole 30mins, I could end up peeing "during the exam"! How embarrassing!


found some of the full bladder teasing audios i wanted at, alot of it's age regression (giving you back your "baby bladder", which is funny cause mine's so small I call it a baby bladder sometimes), diaper/bed-wetting stuff, but I'm into that. It does appear you need to sign up (free) to download from there, and a few of the files do cost.

This is going to be SO HOT!!

This is going to be SO HOT!! Write about it in extreme detail in your next blog, really elaborate! :D I hope its everything you imagined :) I would do anything to see you do this hahaha I'd love to feed you your own piss. I'd scoop your pee in a small clear plastic cup, tell you to open your mouth, bring the bowl under your chin to catch the piss that overflows, then slowly pour your piss in your mouth until its fills your wet open mouth, then, with a calm loving voice, I'd tell you to 'send it down', 'drink it up', 'swallow', 'flush' and a whole lot more, over and over again until that bowl full of your warm tasty pee is all in your belly :)

...I have the biggest erection right now haha :p


it's 11:30 pm here rught now, I just finished voiding my urinary bladder (is it weird I find the medical etrms kinda arousing?) and have started on the water and "audio/visual aids". And your erection is in good company, I've had a stiff clit all day just thinking about this!

10 oz down

finished half of 1 20 oz bottle already!

Good girl! I'm going to stay

Good girl! I'm going to stay by you through this :) We can do this together!! Update me!

just finished

bottle 1, starting bottle 2 at 11:55 pm

I'll start the 1 hour timer

I'll start the 1 hour timer at Midnight then ;) This is going to be soooo hot! D:
You're doing great edge! Keep it up :D


thru with bottle 2!

Alright Mrs. EdgeOfGlory, the

Alright Mrs. EdgeOfGlory, the doctor will see you in 1 hour, make yourself comfortable till then :)

I hope my bladder

will be full enough with just the 40 oz. I'd hate to have to do this again! ;-)

If your bladder isn't full

If your bladder isn't full enough, you can try peeing out the first half then hold the second one in as long as possible. The second half always feels the strongest! But I'm sure ur baby bladder will suffer :)

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