Are you interested??

Ok, as some of you may know, i was on denial. Didn't last very long, just five days! I came during a edging task, I had edged alot of times and it just became too much. Soo anyway, not bad for a newbie, I guess. But now I'm on denial, again. This time only for a week, if i make it the full week, maybe two weeks. Today is day 1. I have had a teasing session with a dom and am looking to see if others are willing to do the same. If u are a dom and this interests you, i will do a teasing session with everyone and if it works maybe we can do several. If u look at my other post, you can see my limits (i.e. pictures, webcam, permanent, ect.) and my likes (i.e. clothespins, light pain, spanking, ect.). Anyway, my email address is in both my other 2 posts and we can do it through email but i prefer yahoo messenger. Anyway, wish me lucky on my denial!
For more info, you can email. Bye!!! Oh, and i dont have many toys, so it will be mostly my hands and any household items i may have. Sorry...
P.S. be prepared for me to beg u to cum, and feel free to punish me for it...


Daily challenges

I have a couple of daily challenges if your interested in them, they'll be a little difficult but if your interested let me know and I'll drop you and email.

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