Introducing my Gorgeous Young, and Needy Girl

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Hello Tantalism Members:

I'm writing to introduce my pretty young slut. She's 24, gorgeous with a beautiful body. She's also very horny and very much in need of control and denial. We're new to denial on this scale, so I thought I'd bring her here to share some procedures and perhaps get feedback/advice. We can see that female denial content is very much lacking on the web, so we're willing to bring our experiences out to help "populate" this very hot area of sexual experience. Feel free to pass along suggestions and even requests for specific footage/photos you might like to see.

Below is my write-up and summary of our first formal denial session. Enjoy.

She is 24 years old, very pretty, and very much in need of some training to control her extreme urges. I decided I would prepare a short session just to get a sense of exactly what we're dealing with in terms of her arousal times, and the need for her to be edged, etc.

I tied my slave to an X-shaped platform, blindfolded her, and prepared her pussy by shaving it very smooth and clean. I suspended her vibrator above her with the ability to turn it on and off from a distance. I stood back and took notes of her performance.

Here was my plan:

I decided to put her through three 'sets' of three tease-ups. Each set has different breaks between each near climax, and the break between sets varied as follows:

Set 1:

Break between near-climaxes: 10 seconds
Break between Set 1 and Set 2: 30 seconds

Set 2:

Break between near-climaxes: 20 seconds
Break between Set 2 and Set 3: 1 minute

Set 3: Break between near-climaxes: 15 seconds


I now know what I am up against, as my slave is a very, very orgasmic little girl with virtually no control. She will clearly need a very long span of edging and denial training if she's ever to regain some control over her horny pussy. Her times are below, and tell the story:

Set 1:

First near-climax: 14 seconds
Second near-climax: 11 seconds
Third near-climax: 7 seconds

Set 2 (after 30 second break)

First near-climax: 13 seconds
Second near-climax: 9 seconds
Third near-climax: 5 seconds

Set 3 (after 1 minute break):

First near-climax: 20 seconds
Second near-climax: 10 seconds
Third near-climax: 4 seconds

Comments: As can be seen there was a general trend towards faster climaxes with the notable exception of Set 3 #1. However, it's also clear that the elapsed time helped build arousal and diminish control as Set 3 featured the fastest time to climax, a laughable 4 seconds!!

In other words, I have a very horny slave with little or no control. I will be devising some training sessions for her but I am also open to input and advice from experienced trainers/masters who may have unique programs a slave with this (very low) degree of control.


How do you know if she is

How do you know if she is close to orgasm?
can she fight of the orgasm if she tries ?
is it the vibe on the pic, so maybe you can tease her over a longer period if you use a more gentle vibe.

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Thank you for your questions.

Thank you for your questions. She's very vocal and it's quite obvious when she's getting close to an orgasm. She definitely cannot control or stop the orgasm if the vibrator is kept on her clit. And yes, that's the vibrator I used for this session. You make a good suggestion about a more gentle vibrator. For the session I just wanted to establish a "worst case scenario", but in the future I will see how she manages to control herself with a more gentle vibe.

Thanks again.

Very nice! :) We hope you

Very nice! :) We hope you keep posting and sharing. When was her last orgasm?

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