Female Denial Captions

So I absolutely love orgasm denial captions, but it is so hard to find any! Especially when male denial seems to be immensely more popular. The ones I know of are:
and I'm keeping an eye on http://www.imagefap.com/profile/deniedgirl

But as I was browsing the archives lately I came across this: http://tantalism.org/node/2662 Alas, the site seems to be down, as well as the Female Orgasm Denial site that it seemed to have came after. Curse my luck for finding this kink so late =(

So, I was wondering, does anyone have a collection of the caption that was available? Or if you know another good source for female denial captions, please let me know!


femsubdenial.tumblr.com is

femsubdenial.tumblr.com is not bad.

Nifty, thanks! I see I'm not

Nifty, thanks! I see I'm not the only one noticing a lack of female-oriented captions though, that tumblr's author's saying the same thing =(



I feature orgasm denial heavily in my content, along with forced orgasm based erotica (there are also stories, an audio story created by myself and a female contributor, and videos all relating to female orgasm denial)

Thanks for the link! I'll be

Thanks for the link! I'll be sure to check it regularly :D

I've never looked

I've never looked specifically for these, but I do see some reblogged on Tumblr. These are very hot! Thank you for putting the list together. If I find more on Tumblr or elsewhere, I'll post them here :)

found a couple more


enjoy :)

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