A story about denial and punishment...

I actually wrote this story a while ago during an email exchange...but it turned out pretty good (imho), and I've gotten some nice feedback on it. Somehow I never thought to post it here, even though I'm a long time lurker here, and this is probably the audience that would appreciate it the most!

But....since we are all about teasing here, I'm not going to post the whole thing, just the first part of it. Don't cum until the protagonist cums ;)

Chapter 1

I glance at my watch; five minutes before you are late - five minutes before your night changes from gratification to frustration. It has been a month since you have cum, and tonight I was going to give you a special reward. But you know the rules: if you are late, you are punished. The minutes tick away slowly, but soon enough five minutes go by, and you have still not arrived at the door. After another minute, I frown, moving to the cabinet behind me to put a vibrator away and pull a whip out. Finally, at ten past, I hear you at the door, and I go to open it.

As ordered, you are wearing a skirt so short it barely covers your ass, and anyone who looked at you would clearly see your nipples clamped and chained beneath your thin blouse. The walk up the sidewalk to my apartment must have been humiliating, and your face is a mixture of arousal and embarrassment.

My face is expressionless. "Slave, You're late."

You start to stammer an apology, but I motion you quickly to silence.

"Present yourself. Now!"

You immediately comply, knowing what I expect, heedless of anyone who might see you while you stand on my doorstep. You lift your top above your tits, exposing your hard nipples, clamped and connected by a silver chain. You spread your legs, then place your hands behind your head, which forces your breasts forward.

I run my hand up the inside of your thigh, tracing a trail of pussy juice leaking out from beneath your skirt. "One month is a long time", I say, as I lift your skirt and tuck it into your waistband, exposing the chastity belt that has prevented your aching pussy from cumming. I hold up the key in my hand, and I see your eyes follow it hungrily, your juices flowing even faster in sudden hope. "But you are late..."
I grab hold of the chain between your nipples, pulling you into my apartment. The sudden tension causes you to wince in pain, but you smartly refrain from complaining. I begin to slip the key back into my pocket, and in desperation you lunge for it, a move you immediately regret, once you see the look of fury on my face.

"Slut, what do you think you are doing? You know you experience pain and pleasure at my whim. Look at your leaking cunt, you haven't cum in a month and I was going to reward you today. But you showed up late, and now THIS?"

I grab your hair roughly, and drag you towards my window, overlooking the street. It's on the 2nd floor, but anyone glancing upwards would immediately see your tits pressed against the glass, your legs spread and your pussy locked.

"I am going to whip your bare ass and anyone who wants can look up and see what a dirty little whore you are.", I whisper into your ear. "But I need to make sure there are no 'accidents'", I say, suiting my words to actions with a pair of handcuffs.

I pull out the key again and begin unclasping the locks on your belt. Each lock I remove causes you to moan in anticipation, and after I remove the belt you immediately try to rub your thighs together, trying to get some friction. THWACK! I slap your ass hard, forcing your legs apart again.

"None of that, slut, keep your legs spread like a good little girl" I reach around and grab your right nipple, twisting the clamp roughly to make sure you feel the pain, then reach between your legs with my other hand and cup your pussy - the first touch your cunt has felt in a month. You moan loudly, half pain half pleasure, and you try to grind your pussy into my hand, but I pull it away before you can get any release.

I retrieve the whip and step behind you. "Count them out and thank me for each one. You get 30 for your punishment and another 20 for being late". Before you can respond you feel the full force of the whip on your ass.

"One, thank you master!" you manage to say, just as the second hits you. 28 more follow, your ass is rosy red, the marks of the whip are visible all over your backside. I surprise you with the next hit, swinging it full force underhanded so that the tips of the whip reach between your legs and hit your pussy hard. You barely manage to thank me before the next one hits your clit. Your legs begin to quiver, and you can barely stand as the whipping continues. When the whipping finally ceases, I reach between your legs again, my fingers working over your still leaking pussy. You moan loudly again, your orgasm building, and, knowing you need permission, almost immediately begin to beg.

"Please master, please master may I cum? Please let your slut cum like the naughty whore she is!"

Even I am impressed by the levels you have sunk to in desperation, but your torment is not over.

"NO!" I say, and immediately stop. Your moan is practically a whine, but you can do nothing to alleviate your frustration. "You are going to have to earn that orgasm - did you really think I'd let you cum before I even took my clothes off? You have a long night ahead of you.."

Chapter 2

I pause for a moment to enjoy my handwork; the look of frustration on your face is priceless. Your legs are spread and your pussy is absolutely leaking, but your arms are restrained behind you and you have no way of bringing yourself over the edge. I decide to give you a chance to earn your orgasm, small as it may be.

"Slut, get on your knees!" I order, placing one hand on top of your head to force you down faster. You don't resist, you are quite familiar with this position - being on your knees is where you know you belong. "I'll give you 5 minutes to get me off. I am not going to unclasp your hands. I will continue whipping you. If you succeed, I'll reward you with your orgasm. Otherwise.." I didn't finish the sentence, letting your imagination take you where it may.

You immediately get to work . You crawl towards me, your mouth finds its way towards my belt, struggling to unclasp it with only your teeth. 30 seconds pass, and you still have not succeeded. 45, there are almost tears in your eyes now, as you realize you will barely have any time to suck your Master's cock. At one minute I feel pity, and remove my belt for you. I unbuckle my pants, and guide your mouth to the zipper. After another 30 seconds, you succeed in lowering my pants. My erect cock pushes against my boxers, and you finally manage to free it. Your pussy is aching to be fucked, licked, touched -anything to alleviate your misery, but you know your time is running out, so you immediately get to work, your mouth taking in as much of my rock hard dick as it possibly can. Your moist lips feel exquisite on my cock, but I want to punish you, so I hold myself back. I begin swinging the whip at your backside, with force, and each hit brings are loud moan to your lips, a moan which barely escapes your cock-filled mouth. I can feel my own orgasm building, and recognizing the signs, you start sucking even faster, your tongue using every trick you know, hoping to earn the right to cum. But 5 minutes is too short a time, and I resist on purpose, and before you know it I drag your mouth off my cock. You try to get a few extra licks in as I remove my cock, anything to bring me over the edge, because you know what it means that you failed.

"Too bad slut", I say. "Another minute or two and you might have had it. But you failed, and now you are going to suffer like the whore you are." I put my clothes back on, and as expected, the begging starts immediately, forcing me to hide my slight smile. It always pleases me when you beg.

"Please master, let me suck your cock, one more minute I can make you cum, please master let me pleasure you so I may be worthy of the orgasm I need. I'm just a dirty little cockslut and all I want to do is cum, please master won't you let me cum!"

In response I only laugh, twisting your clamped nipples as I do so "Look at what a wanton slut you are. No, you have disappointed me, and now you are going to suffer for it".

I step back to my cabinet and return with a new toy. I hold up a pair of vibrating panties, expertly designed so the vibrator hovers just above your clit. In my other hand I hold the remote, and demonstrate to you how I can control the speed with a simple switch.

"Put these on slut, we are going out tonight. Anyone who notices or asks is going to see what a dirty little whore you are." Your face falls, but with a few fingers over your cunt I can tell you are still getting wetter. I slip the panties on, ensuring they are snug, and that the vibrator is correctly positioned above your cit. I turn it on from the remote, and the sensation is so intense you immediately collapse and moan.

"Please master, may I have permission to cum??" you beg, but in response I merely turn the vibrator off. I pull you up by your clamped nipples, causing you to wince in pain.

"We are going out tonight, and you need to look like a presentable slut." I say, as I pull your blouse down and untuck your skirt from your belt. You look like a whore, but you know that is what you are anyway."

Your nipples are still clamped, and your blouse doesn't disguise anything. Your skirt barely covers your panties, and the insides of your thighs are covered in pussy juice. "We are going out to dinner. I am going to turn this vibrator on and off as I please. I may let you cum at the restaurant, but if I do, I'll make sure there are at least half a dozen people around. You look like a whore, so if anyone asks to see your tits or touch your pussy, I will give them permission. Tonight, you are to pleasure whomever I choose..."

If you enjoyed it, email me at oblivionx274@hotmail.com, tell me how badly you want to cum, and I'll send you the next part ;)



You are off to a truly excellent start. 5 stars! Submissives please send your heartfelt pleas to this author so we can all see what happens next!

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VERY hot...

...and I adore your username, btw!

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