Orgasm denial video



I know I'm late to the party, but I just watched these and wanted to thank you and your lovely partner and I'll hope you'll make (and post) more of them. I love how she squirms and pouts when you deny her. The closer camera at the end of part 1 was great, especially since I could hear what she was saying, and I found myself wishing I could hear everything that both of you were saying during the whole thing.

Hi, thank you for the kind

thank you for the kind words.
I will be uploading the newest very soon...and will upload the 3 new videos on here as the set :)

another video is also on its way after being edited :)

I have just seen it...

I just watched part three on Yuvutu. Again thank you both, how many times can she come I lost count? I think that It would do alot of the ladies on this site who are denied to watch your video's, while being teased of course...

Thank you Edger88

For posting those videos they were superb and please tell your Wife / Girlfriend / Sub that I thank her very much too for being in them and enduring such delicious torments for us. Please tell the BBC to put a lid on it for any future productions because in some parts I could not hear you both. I just know that what we could not here would have been very erotic because it made me horney wondering what I had missed. Now I have to ask... Where is part three? Apart from the 3 videos from last year I could only find 2 parts to your new stuff.

I hope that you both will consider making more of these. I would pay to watch them so if ever you got around to creating a site I would be first in line for a subscription.

Thank you both again very much and please please please don’t make us wait as long again for the next instalment.

Thank you for the comments

Thank you for the comments Arralucia :)
My girlfriend shall be enduring much more very soon...the setup shall be better and the sound will be thought through more in future videos :)
If you get this, thanks too for replying about my site, and to let you know, i shall be posting more videos up as soon as i create more. no girl's where i reside seem to wish to involve themselves in such erotic delights, but i will be seeing my girl in a couple of months, so we shall make more footage then :)
kind regards