A good Orgasm Denial video

Hi everyone, I came across this video the other day and felt the need to share it with you all! Would love to hear your thoughts or if you know of any other videos like this one.

Thanks :-)


Far too much...

Far too much over acting and screaming from this woman for anyone to get any kind of understanding of what was really going on and all that exorcism style possesed language she comes out with... What is that?

She is little different to Japanese Girls who always sound like they are being murdered or a pair of cats getting it on up your driveway in the middle of the night. I watched this video when it first came out last year some time as I have a membership with Kink.com and Rain Degrey Makes the same torturous noises no matter what happens to her in any given scene. There are far better video's than this out there, if you want to see a few go to www.yuvutu.com and type Denial in the search field. You will be swamped with the usual male denial stuff but you will also find FOD there as well... Look for a member called edger88 and see what his wife or GF goes through. If you get bored there go to xhamster and do the same search there.

Good Luck

Completely agree!

Thanks for your reply, will definitely check those out.


Very very nice. http://www.yuvutu.com/edger88

:)glad you enjoyed my

glad you enjoyed my profile (i am edger88) - i plan to post more of us both soon - and next time i film..she will be denied far more intensely ;)


That will be awesome... Please Hurry. xxx

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