Mommeeee!!! I dun a tubmlr! ( )

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Mmmm.... tumblr. A micro-ecology of reblogging, regurgitating, and re-using ideas. It's where photo blogging meets found art. :-)

I've decided to start to post images I love and often the thoughts they inspire.


who am I depends to an extent on where I am, just like in real life. (e.g. You can't be a serious gamer while attending your 5 year-old niece's birthday party at a park playground.)

Here, I'm an encouraging perv who wants to help everyone explore female orgasm denial, preferably at my hands if only I had the time, and posting thoughts on the subject.

Fetlife, I'm a real guy in the BDSM community who likes to top, bottom, co-top, go to munches, do music for play parties, etc, and with few exceptions don't friend people I haven't met face to face.

On other sites... other mixes of these and other aspects.

On Tumblr... at least for my Female Teasing and Denial... my dark relentless teaser side gets to run free in fantasy land without restraint or even feeling the need to explain "oh, I'm a real guy, I'm not really this dark." No, that's for the rest of it all. On Tumblr I am that dark without apologies even if I end up sounding like...

You have been warned. ;-)


excellent work

I really like the animated gifs.

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I like the animated gifs too. I can't take credit for those, though. If you scroll down the posts' notes enough you can see who introduced the animated gif to tumblr.

I like it. Wants

I like it.


I love this!

I love your tumblr! :P Particularly the instructions... incredibly fun. :)

Your tumblr is fantastic. It

Your tumblr is fantastic. It has inspired me to make my own:

I wish there was a way to import tumblr stuff (via rss or whatever) into your tantalism blog automagically.

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Thanks Wants!

I'm glad you like it. It's hot to me that you're looking that it. :-)

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Thanks and OMG. I had missed your The Game post. I love it.

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*blink blink*

I've followed your tumblr for days before seeing this on this site. I inspired it?!? :-) :-)

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You guys are doing some really great stuff on there. I've been lurking around a lot lately, but keep an eye on them. :)

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