A series of orgasm tease & delay videos for women


I really like the videos.

I really like the videos. Playing with myself to them was fun. My pussy was dripping and I almost couldn't pull my hands away.Could you create more agonizing ones for us to follow? I like being on edge for a long time.


Sorry for the delay

Sorry for the delay in responding, I haven't had much time recently.

Thanks for the feedback, it's nice to hear to had fun with them!

When you say more agonizing, do you mean a higher level of intensity in terms of the pace? more length so you have to hold out longer? or something else entirely?

I've been toying with the idea of making a multi-day tease series where the viewer watches one part per day, perhaps with a mildly interactive component such as having the watcher flip a coin at the end of each video to determine whether or not they're allowed to orgasm that day.

Please feel free to suggest anything any other ideas you may have though. I'd very much like to make a series aimed more at the denial audience, as there does seem to be a lack of that.

I loved thinking about what

I loved thinking about what your were going but maybe adding text, saying I see how much your enjoying this. Maybe instructions with it on how you want us to use a vibrator or perhaps warming ky or something

I had considered adding

I had considered adding text/captions, but I thought they may become too distracting for some. I could do it vocally instead, but that would probably be worse as it's more invasive (if you're imagining somebody specific for example, hearing my voice would ruin it). I suppose I could do a trial run with captions, and go from there based on overall feedback.

I'd thought about giving direct instructions too, but I'd have to be very careful not to be overly specific. For example, telling you to use a vibe for the next 3 minutes of video is fine, but telling you to use a vibe on full power directly against your clit may not work for everybody, because some are simply too sensitive, or insensitive to get much out of it.

Perhaps I'll just go with a trial one-off video to start with. I've been considering making one where I use a vibe on the fleshlight and have you mirror whatever I do. Possibly two different versions, one for women who enjoy clit play most, and one for women who prefer thrusting.

I could be fairly generalised on extras like warming/cooling lube if during some kind of introduction screen, I made it clear that a specific style of caption (flashing? a predetermined colour?) is optional. That way, I could have a caption flash up such as "Apply favorite lube now", then the viewer can use whatever lube type they enjoy most, or ignore it if they don't like/have lube. The same goes for anal toys, swapping toy another kind of toy/vibe, you get the idea.

I'd be interested to hear any of your thoughts on the above. I know I can't possibly hope to please everyone, but I really want to try and target my next series specifically at those who love tease & denial.

Having the two different

Having the two different videos is a good idea. It's true some women don't like clit play that much. You can have a soft text on the bottom so it's not bright on the screen. Also keep in mind fingering and rubbing against the flesh light as if teasing the outside of the pussy and clit.

I'm a fan of heat but some people like cold. Toys and vibrators are very fun too.

I like all your ideas these videos would be amazing.

I'll need to play around with

I'll need to play around with different styles of text, but I'm sure I'll figure something out which is easy to read without being too distracting.

I forgot to mention using only my fingers, I'd already intended to start off with it. I know some women love to watch & play along to that. It looks great to pour a little lube on first, and makes the viewer wait a short while with anticipation of knowing they're about to get to touch.

Now all I need to do is decide how many days to use as a denial period, and find enough free time to make a video for each one. I can't wait to get started.

Thanks for your assistance! It's always helpful to have outside input for these things. If you think of any other suggestions, please don't hesitate get in contact. The more ideas I have to work with, the more interesting I can make the videos.

Awesome! I'm glad to help!

Awesome! I'm glad to help! I'm all about denial. I'll try the over a few days thing but personally my sexual level is too high for that lol I last about a day of teasing. My master is nice enough to not torture me too long. I get angry after a couple of days.

I guess it can just be a

I guess it can just be a suggestion at the start of the series. Extremely serious denial fans can do one video a day, everybody else just has to hold out through watching one video after the other.

I'll try to make these new ones longer though. Some of my previous videos were FAR too short (part 4 springs to mind at only 3 minutes in total).

That's a good idea. I'm so

That's a good idea. I'm so excited to see the new ones. Hurry hurry! :)

I'm hurrying! Don't expect

I'm hurrying!

Don't expect them for the next couple of weeks though. I suspect editing will be a major time sink with this series. I've already started noting down ideas for teasing captions.

How are they cumming? lol

How are they cumming? lol

lol no pressure :) I'm just

lol no pressure :) I'm just really looking forward to them

Don't worry, I'm still

Don't worry, I'm still working on them! I just haven't had anything like as much free time as I thought I would for the past couple of weeks. I've captured most of the footage, but I still need to edit in the text (that'll be the time consuming part).

I'll probably just go with a 3 day experimental version to start with, rather than anything too massive. That way if I do something with it which doesn't work for most people, I'll be able to fix it in a larger video series later.

I didn't want to post any sort of progress update without much to show for it in a kind of "I'm gonna..." way, as when ever I see that kind of thing, they rarely seem to eventuate.

I'll post them on xtube under http://www.xtube.com/community/profile.php?user=Teasingthekitty when they're finished. You might spot them there first before I get a chance to post the links here, as there will be a somewhat random delay on their conversion process so they'll probably go live there a while before I see it & post an update.

Hopefully I'll get some time later today & a nice chunk tomorrow in order to get at least the first two days edited.

I like that new one you have

I like that new one you have up. I have to say one thing I really liked from the other videos was watching your own struggle with denial. :) Having to stop, shaking legs, squeezing your balls. That part was really hot. Also the fact you have a very nice body ;)

How about a sample

Unforunately I've had some technical setbacks, so it's going to be a while longer yet, but this should at least give you some idea of what to expect.


The pink text are instructions for the viewer, the green text tries to tease them/make them disobey.

*edited to add the streaming version.
The online streaming version is at http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=ixPb0-S663-. The PIN is 123456.

I've tried to record the

I've tried to record the sound on the new series in the same way as I did with that new video. A headset & mic rather than the directional mic on the camera. It sounds much clearer.

Part 3 was a tough one to get though, I almost didn't make it a few times. The eventual orgasm (5a) was very relieving as a result!

Thanks, I'm glad you find me pleasing to the eye, but don't think a well placed compliment or two will deter me from being any less relentless with my attempts to tease in the next series ;)

With any luck, I'll have it finished this weekend. I'm not sure I'll quite be able to match part 3 for intensity, but hopefully I can make it up with the use of captions.

Just a quick update.

I'm about 85-90% finished. The final bit of editing shouldn't take too long, but rendering & uploading can take a day or two (I have a very slow upload speed). If I spot any errors after rendering & need to edit then re-render a segment, that can potentially slow things down too. It looks like I'll stand a chance of scraping through on the deadline anyway.