how a denial-girl can teach a guy how to tease and deny her

I made this guide as a response to the "Not what i was thinking..." entry, but I think a lot of girls can use this.

This is a small guide on how to lure a standard vanilla guy into denying you.
Whenever I use the word "beg" make sure it is not "instruct" or "complain" but instead sexy and submissive sweet-talk. Like when a girl ask her daddy for ice-cream, it is more effective than nagging and criticism.

Guys can be quite slow when it comes to understanding what women want.
A girl will have to be VERY specific with details if he is to do what she wishes.
A good trick is to use numbers and time and facts when talking to guys.
And to be very descriptive when it comes to teasing, as to what the general purpose is.
(I know that you also want him to be in control, but the first couple of times, just be specific)

Some of these rules can be called "topping from the bottom" and that can be a clever way for a sub to make a dom control her the way she likes.

So, beg him to tie you up and then tease you as best he can. Every time you edge you will beg for orgasm and he should make sure you don't cum by giving you a minute rest.
Repeat this for a couple of hours while he tries different teasing methods (from a list you make or his imagination depending on your toys or his skills), and then you will beg to give him a blowjob to further underline your denial - and to get out of the torture.

Make him understand that you want this done to you 1-2 times a day for a week. And that he should test where your "denial-threshold" is. (the numbers of days you like to be denied until it is not fun anymore)
Some girls can go days, some weeks, some even months.
Give him the hint that your desperation and submission while being denied, is good for him to take advantage of for his own sexual pleasure.
Guys loves a willing obedient sex-doll that obeys them whenever they want = a denied girl.
Make sure you give him the impression that you will be more pleasing, cute, nice and obedient while in denial! A guys logic would make him think that a girl will get grumpy and mad while denied, and NO guys want that...

Make him understand that you will not orgasm without his permission, so you give him that power. Hopefully he is a good guy so he will never misuse that power. (Why nice girls choose the asshole guys is another guide)

And advice him to give you masturbation rules while you are apart so as to keep the denial going.

I guess you can give thees rules to any vanilla standard bloke and he will pretty sure LOVE tease and denial.
Guys a result-oriented, and the result of good denial can lead to an obedient pleasing sex-partner, and I think that most girls knows that guys wants that.

In the end, he should do this out of pleasure not a chore.


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Good advice

As a new guy here, who has never had the pleasure of edging a girl friend, this would work for me as a starting point.

However what I would need are further details (yes you know me/us well!) of your signs (ie that I can see, hear etc ) of being at the edge.
- What are those for you?
- Is there a common definition of being at the edge for a girl (pls see my earlier post asking about the defined edge for a guy)?

Also I would need to know how and where to stimulate you to keep you on the edge and not tip you over.

And hey, I'm sure I'm not alone, in loving to watch girls play with themselves, so feel free to demonstrate either a complete session or probably more usefully just what you need (and don't need) when you are close to the edge.

Learn to beg differently

Many guys have a problem denying their partners orgasm. Mostly I think it is due to caring for her pleasure, and not understanding that for some denial is what she wants most. However this can easily be solved, especially if your husband / Lover has not experienced the pleasure of not allowing his partner to orgasm. Especially for those wanting to lead their partner into how to pleasure them through denial, try changing the way you beg. Instead of begging for you orgasm, beg them not to let you cum. As your shuttering, on the very brink, ask him "please, please don't make me cum, please don't let me cum tonight" even as your aching, even crying for release, as your desperation rises, continue to plead with your partner, beg him not to let you cum, beg him to take his pleasure with you, beg him to use you for his pleasure, even with tears in you eyes, beg your lover to use your body, but continue to beg not to cum. As your orgasm approaches, tell him your on edge, plead with him to be careful, tell him your ready to cum, but continue to beg him not to let you cum tonight. Tell him you need to feel his pleasure tonight, that you need to feel yourself ache, that you want your desperation, your denial to make things even better for him. Looking into his eyes, move him onto his back, ride his shaft, drag your clit along it's length, feel your body shuttering for release, feel his shaft pulsing, his cum rising, but don't allow yourself to clench, remain open, continue to breathe in a slow steady pattern, thus preventing your orgasm as he flows into your body. Crying your to continue begging him to enjoy your body, to use you for his pleasure, telling him you need to feel his pleasure, that you need to be left in this unfulfilled state, explain that for you, this denial, this desperation, is very fulfilling.

Most guys will remain hard when this happens, use this time to continue the stimulation, ask him to help you ache, tell him you need to feel him using your body for his pleasure, ask him to tell you not to cum, beg him to make you ache, to keep you on one edge, kissing him while you ache inside, beg him to take you again, to use you once more, but continue to beg not to cum, to remind him you need this denial. Tell him you want your denied pleasure to make it better for him.


Hi Jack

Do you realize that I am a man?

But yes, I can tell you a lot of ways to tell when a women is close to orgasm.
That may come in another guide.

A tip for you would be to click on a user profile :-)

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...actually I checked that after I posted, but figured that the comments and questions still relevent (for some of the girls here to answer). Thanks for the tip though - still finding my way around the site :-o Also it might help if you had an avatar picture that refected your gender ;-)

Where are the girls comments?...

very nice

Thank you guys for all your feedback. I appreciate all your help.

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