Tens machine

Just had an idea. A friend of mine had a tens machine, which is a device that causes electrical interference to the spine to reduce and confuse the nerve signals of pain during labour. Apparently it's not the most comfortable feeling in the world, but it's better than labour pains.

It just occurred to me that one could be used to interfere with signals in the nervous signals during orgasm. If it successfully inhibited climax, a sub could be instructed to switch it on just as she was about to climax and hence inhibit her own orgasm, either during sex, or while masturbating.

Any thoughts?


Make it harder to resist

If you apply the tens to the inside of each ankle, adjust so it is just noticeable, then have the female wearing the unit enjoy about 20 to 30 minutes of erotic stimulation, story, touching, kissing, video. At this point she must hold off her orgasm as you enjoy her body, watch her go crazy trying not to cum. The unit, when adjusted just so, will be stimulating the clitoral nerves, when you begin touching that area, or start having intercourse she will find herself at the edge very quickly.


Does this work? And wich frequency and length of impulse do you use?

I am told it works rather well

Look up ... slightest touch


Prototype Foot Massager Becomes The Next Orgasmatron...

In over a decade of research into the application of acupuncture and electronics to be used to stimulate the body's nervous system for things like motion sickness, blood pressure, and sports injuries, we stumbled onto a very interesting discovery. It happened during the research for an electronic foot massager. Here is an excerpt from the research report:

"Subsequent trials using modified plate and gel electrodes yielded minimal improvement in the reported response factors. Differentiation of waveform improved results marginally.
In the 5th iteration of the prototype one female test subject reported a tingling sensation on her inner thighs. Subsequently she reported extreme sexual arousal, and said she was in a pre-orgasmic state.
Application of the electrodes included the acupuncture location of SP-6, both legs being interfaced with bi-phasic square wave pulses at sensory threshold or just below.
Subsequent sessions with this subject excluded the secondary electrodes and used only the SP-6 locations. In three further sessions, the subject consistently reported extreme sexual excitation, and continued to report a state of pre-orgasm.
Using the electrode variation exclusive of plate electrodes and only using gel type on SP-6 locations appears to replicate the initial sexual response in 4 other test subjects."

Now.... I'm thinking, this could prove to be very fun, Imagine having your sub wearing this for 30 minutes, then enjoying her as she struggles to avoid orgasm :) How sweet would that be, having her start off needing to fight the urge to cum, and pushing her further, faster, than ever before...

TENS were used in the BDSM world for a while

I had a friend who loved it back in the 1990s. She let me try it out on my arm one day, and i absolutely hated the sensation, very unpleasant, kind of like electric ants crawling inside my skin, and I could see how it'd be painful when turned up.

I'd see it as more an implement of pain than pleasure, but I dunno.

wired pussy

kink.com have different BDSM sites, one of them is www.wiredpussy.com
I think you will find a thousand ways on that site that use you idea :-)


Tens machine

Yes, I'd read about that a while back. I think it's one of those devices that are very subjective. Probably works for one person and not another. Wouldn't it be wonderful if it held her in a pre-orgasmic state, but also in a state where she found it impossible to orgasm.

OC, I think your kind is a sub holding herself back when she could cum. One of my kinks would be a sub trying desperately to cum, but be unable to, which is almost the opposite, although I like both.

I wonder if it would be possible to make a device that would deaden all sensation for a short while, say, below the waist, at the touch of a button (very unlikely I imagine). The sub would be stimulated through to orgasm, but would be required to switch the device on a few seconds before she came so felt nothing, although it was obvious that her body was cumming.

Hmmm... interesting.

Actually, I think that is possible

The idea of making a woman orgasm instantly was actually discovered while looking for a way to relieve back pain. Seems there is a spot in the spinal cord that can be stimulated to set off an intense and immediate orgasm if stimulated electrically. The doctor that discovered this is currently working on a patent to be used for women that cannot orgasm. I seems quite reasonable that if an orgasm could be triggered in this way, it would be easy to also block it. Your thought has merit, and is I'm sure also rather scary for most women. Just think, your pronounced man and wife, then the magistrate literally hands you the remote to your wife, her orgasm is now under your control... :)

For those interested in this subject:
Doctor Discovers the 'Orgasmatron'

Nice dream

but electrodes in the spine are no play-thing the might allocate and damage othe vital nerves. So dream on, but in reality I would never take the risk to loose .g. the ability to walk.

Our mind is the most powerful sexual organ :-)

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