Open letter to Silly Chastity Girl

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This is an open letter I emailed to Silly Chastity Girl.

Silly Chastity Girl,

My sub and I love your chastity and orgasm control image captions!! Thank you!

I've given her a daily assignment of looking at one gallery a day and telling me what she thinks of the images and listing her favorites.

:) It makes her hot, forces her to do some self-exploration (it's one thing to enjoy a photo, it's quite another to verbalize WHY you enjoy it), and makes her tell me things about herself... some of which she knows full well that I'll use against her (in a good way). Once I made her stay on edge while we discussed an entire gallery, image by image, enjoying her attempts to finish sentences despite her labored breathing and begging to please let her stop. Definitely something we're going to do again. :)

One problem: It seems that Chastity caption galleries 6 through 19 are not available. Do you know why? Do you still have them?

I'm posting this as an open letter on my blog at as well. Please feel free to respond via email or by responding there publicly.

Also in your galleries, you request: "If you like the caps, why not leave a dirty comment about what you'd like to do? I'm a bisexual American girl with powerful fantasies of being used and abused, mounted and bred, kept in endless orgasm denial. If you like doing filthy things to little girls like me, send me an email and tell me what you'd like to do: Right now, I live with a girlfriend, so if you want to be extra evil, tell me what you'd do with two helpless girls who love each other." To answer your question, girl, I enjoy fantasizing about doing quite a number of things... most of which would mean endless amounts of edging, and mental imagery until even you want to cum, need to cum, are begging to cum. And then we can begin because, to me, everything up to that point would simply be prep. I would discuss each of your turnons, in detail, and use them to drive you higher and higher. If I controlled both you and your girlfriend, I'd set up cruel contests, such as taking turns tying and teasing each other... one turn per night, up to 3 hours, with punishments for the first one to beg to cum. I'd give you both grueling daily exercises... where the first one to finish would be allowed to touch herself (no orgasms allowed, though) until the second one was done. I'd assign erotic story writing assignments to you two as a team and reward you both together. I'd make both of you edge, stop immediately, rest 10 seconds, the repeat... counting each edge, and seeing who could go the highest... or maybe setting a goal for the pair of you as a team... or maybe just challenge/encourage you to see how high you can go, both turned on by the others' moans and whimpers. This torment is a pleasure at first, then around 50 it starts becoming torture. The highest I've led a submissive through this way is 343 edges before she gave up. Of course, if you were both here physically, then there would be LOTS of other things to do as well. Especially since you are the author of those captions. We'd have theme weeks... oral slave week, tit slapping week, light teasing touches only for a solid week, public property week, etc. :) Nnggggh... for not really thinking about answering your comment before, I certainly got carried away. I think it's time to call my sub and enjoy listening to her whimper in need.


any answer from her?

any answer from her?

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Yes, she responded

I asked her if I repeat what she said, but she'd prefer to keep her responses private.

I will share that she said she'd look for the missing galleries and possibly repost them.

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Missing galleries

It looks like the stuff I put up a while back has disappeared. Maybe they just went missing, or somebody decided to do a big purge for some reason...

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Re purge...

The really odd thing is that the earliest ones still exist, only the middle are missing.

I wonder if there was a disk storage failure there and they recovered as best they could and moved on?

perhaps that, or perhaps they

perhaps that, or perhaps they have a policy that if someone complains they dump the entire set, just to be safe.

Something like underage pics or personal pics maybe.

Just a guess really, I have noticed a lot of galleries missing as well from many people.

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