New Captioned Orgasm Denial Site


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Teaser files

On the old site there were some teaser sequences that went down with the site.

In case anyone wants those, I uploaded a zip file on megaupload:

PLease help

Hi do you still ahve them? i ahve tried accessing that site and it won't let me :(

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Link fixed

Lovely. :)

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Sweet! I'm so glad you guys l

Sweet! I'm so glad you guys like'em. I'll keep them coming =) - Or not coming ;)

RE: FOD's images - I actually do have a copy of all their old images. Do you have any contact info for the original authors? I'd prefer to ask for permission first. Though, I'd probably be okay with reposting them with a note that says to contact me if they want it taken down and that I'm not the original author. I'll put that up when I get the chance - Formating that many images into thumbnails in Wordpress will take a while :)

Thanks for all the positive feedback so far. Got 3 images in the queue already, more to come soon!

Formating that many images i

Formating that many images into thumbnails in Wordpress will take a while

You could always write a script for it...

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Im so glad to see another site for this. I read the four you have on there so far and FUCK they are hot, I especially love Electric Edging. And the fact yours are all about FORCED orgasm denial, that right there makes it about infinitely better so again THANK YOU


I also appreciate the forced element here and also definitely picked the same favorite.

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Its nice to see another captioned pictures site.

Before the Female Orgasm Denied went down I downloaded some of their pictures to my Hard Disk for my collection.

Is it okay if I send them to you to use on the site? Or would that be wrong because the pictures were used before on the other blog?

Wonderful :)

I love this already, I have always thought about making a few captioned images myself but never got around to it, and since femaleorgasmdenial.blogspot went down I've been searching for the same myself so I would love to have a go and send you anything that I come up with, though I always do you go about it? do you just take images you find randomly on the web? or are you supposed to use only ones that you own the rights to? or what?!? I don't just want to go making a load and piss someone off lol.


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Love your site!

I just read all your captions and just wanted to say that you are doing a great job. I love the 3 year revenge one! Very creative.


The link looks broken

The link looks broken

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Yeah - Weird, it looks setup

Yeah - Weird, it looks setup correctly to me, but it doesn't redirect from Tantalism. And there's no edit button so I can't change it.

Anyway, the site is