female t&d video Scene Title: Sapphic Teasing, Part 1


Two hot bondage tease clips

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For reasons that I don't understand I can't post new content here. So I am going to piggy back on a related post.
Here are links to two very hot bondage/teasing clips. The first http://xhamster.com/movies/157520/gorgeous_indian_bondage_game_f70.html is a bit switch with a perfectly formed Indian woman being on the receiving, then on the giving end. The second involving the delicious Opal is a lovely immobilisation forced orgasm scene.
I love the way she thrashes around in her restraints. I can think of one reader who will really enjoy this one.


Opal's legs were entirely too

Opal's legs were entirely too free, IMO.

But thanks for sharing it!


Her legs were pretty free

How 'bout this one (dated 7/23)? Really need the free preview to appreciate how her legs are held, though I know you'll join me in wishing the restraining ropes were tighter and video worked better.


Hogtied.com and Devicebondage.com frequently do scenes of securely bound women forced to cum repeatedly though less commonly in comfortable positions. The most recent Devicebondage set seems to focus on the theme pretty heavily.

Her legs were pretty free

Maybe - but I loved the way her thighs starting involuntarily quivering at one point in the session. That is so sexy. I have watched a lot (!) of bondage channel's material - but for me it too often steps over the line into SM - although there are a few clips - especially with Winona - where the director edges her or blows her away on multiple O's. I'll look around and see if any of those are avialable on free sites.

too free?

we'll double up on the ropes and belts next time. Glad you enjoyed anyway. x


Ok, so I don't pay to join much but that was just about the hottest thing I've ever seen committed to video.

Thanks for the link. I've co

Thanks for the link. I've come across a lot of unconvincing videos before, but this was really, really well done. I hope to see more videos like this in the future from this site!

I subscribed to the site for this video

If you're into F/F T&D, this is an outstanding video. If you want to watch it, please subscribe and download it. It's really very simple - if this type of video causes an upswing in subscriptions, they'll be sure to make more of them. Vote with your wallet.

it's working ...

Realnot and MJ2 are entirely correct - subscribe, vote with your wallet, and they will make more. This particular video is exceptionally well-done, and is presented as a series with 5 parts totaling almost 40 minutes run time. It is currently the only Ff video on the site, with the roughly 80 other videos (some like this one are multi-part) being Fm. Due to its popularity among subscribers (80th percentile) the site has already announced a follow-on, described below:

Dia In Chastity, Part 1, Coming 07/21/2009
Featured Model(s): Dia Zerva, Raven Alexis. Dia is having a hard time adjusting to Raven controlling when (or if) she is allowed to cum, and was caught masturbating without permission. Raven has locked her in a chastity belt and restrained her so she can be punished. It doesn't take long for Dia's pussy to get wet beneath the belt, and she grinds her inaccessible pussy against Raven's knee in an attempt to get some stimulation.

There's another one

Rover!!! Long time no see. How are you???

There actually is one other female tease/denial scene on the site which is also quite good:

Part 1:
Something a little different for Teasing-Video with these two clips: girl-on-girl teasing! Goddess Devine and Slavegirl Elsha show us how T&D is done, feminine style. If you like your teasing soft and sensual, you'll like these 2 clips.

Part 2:
Part 2 of this girl-on-girl tease & denial scene has Goddess Devine finishing up the hot wax treatment she subjected Slavegirl Elsha to in part 1. Elsha's pussy is very wet and Goddess Devine knows exactly how she likes to be touched. Elsha struggles to keep her composure, but eventually her desperation to cum breaks down her stoic exterior, and we see a lovely young slavegirl teased to the brink of orgasm.


Thanks for the additional links MJ2, I hadn't seen these.

It has been a long time ... I've sent you an email update.

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Bumping for some attention. :)

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Wow, that was really hot!!

I definitely want to see the rest!