Little Girl’s Big Day

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She arrived home from work and read the note trying to make sense of it.

Strip to your panties and wait for me at the foot of the bed. Today you are not my wife and I am not your husband. Today you will learn about obedience in a new way. I will no longer tolerate your disrespectful mouth and attitude. You will speak when spoken to but only in an agreeable and childlike manner. No questions, complaints, or arguments will be allowed. Follow my lead and we will be fine. Signed, your loving husband.

Time for some fun sweetie, take your panties off, lay back, spread those legs, now gently stroke her, feel every inch, just enjoy. Daddy thought you should have some pleasure and a big release from tension to get you all relaxed for our special time together. You would like that, right? Yes daddy, I would love that, thank you. When you feel close just tell daddy, ok? Yes daddy, I will, do you like watching me play with myself daddy? You like that pretty pussy so naked and beautiful? It is all for you daddy, I do not even touch her without your permission. That is a good girl, it is all for daddy, little girls cannot be trusted with such a big responsibility, they dont know what to do with it unless someone tells them, right sweetheart? Yes daddy, I am not grown up enough to know what I am doing, when I used to touch her I would be in a rush and get so excited then a little baby cum would rush out so quick. Thank you for teaching me to hold in that baby cum since it is not ready to be let out. I always send it back in now like a good girl, I am learning so much, daddy is such a good teacher. Only big girl cum gets let out now and only when daddy says yes. Are you proud of me daddy? Yes honey but today is a big day for you. I will expect complete obedience to everything I say, will you do that for daddy? Yes absolutely. Good because this is the most important day of our relationship and if you dont obey daddy completely every step of the way daddy will add up each infraction and you will be punished quite harshly. I just want to make sure you are aware of that now before you choose to disobey. Yes daddy I understand I will obey every word I promise.

Ok good girl lets get started, oh you are so good you have still been playing all this time cuz daddy did not say stop. You are learning. I know there is gonna be so much pain for your sweet bottom later so I will help you relax. Now get those baby cums grown up sweetie, here is your task. When daddy says you are ready, I will say ok ask me, then you say Please Sir may I cum for you. When I say yes, I want your hot slut cum all over my face, dripping down my neck. You have to gush four times, no less or you will be punished. You better be sloppy, dripping, aching to cum, so full of hot cum you are gonna burst, do you understand? Yes daddy I will make sure I am ready I promise. Ok, now we are gonna play and you will edge four times before I let you ask. Tell daddy when you cannot hold it anymore and he will stop so you can relax for a bit. I would hate to make you disobey. I just want to help you build up as much cum as possible so you will be good for daddy later and so you have the biggest release and get super relaxed for daddy. Ok baby? Ok daddy, I will be good. I know you will little girl.

After the third time you reach the edge I am gonna tie up your hands and feet so cant touch, then daddy will take you there the last time. He wants a good view to see your little puss clenching so hard holding it for daddy till he says it is time to ask. You know this is the only time you get to cum for the next week honey, so enjoy. You are not allowed to cum while I take your bottom and afterwards daddy will let you rest for a few days, then it is daddys turn again and you can practice waiting for a bit. Would you like that little girl? Yes daddy I would like to practice waiting for you, anything to make you happy. Good girl, that is daddys good girl.

Much later ok sweetie, first, you have to tell daddy when you are ready, then I will tell you to ask me, and then you will ask please sir may I cum for you, and when you hear me say yes I want four good shots of cum drenching me. I do not want you saying you are ready until you are bursting full of hot cum and your snatch is dripping sloppy aching wet. You have to be on the very edge so you are sure you will cum the second you are told. I actually want you thinking there is no way you could possibly stop yourself from cumming another second before you say you are ready. Do you understand? Yes daddy I will wait till I am full and cannot hold it any longer, I promise.

OK sweetie, fourth times a charm for you, oh one more thing, a blindfold for my little girl. Pull on your cuffs a bit honey, all locked in? Good girl. Let daddy taste that sweet puss, mmmm, gosh you taste so sweet honey, dripping and yummy. I could feast on you for hours baby. Kiss daddy, taste that sweetness, good girl. Relax your thighs and bottom honey, let daddy lick and suck on your sweet puss, he loves it so much, dont deny daddy his pleasure. Honey please stop squirming you cannot possibly be ready yet, behave or daddy will have to spank you, is that what you need? A reminder to obey, no daddy (whisper) then be still. Actually, here is a gag too, I dont even want you saying you are ready yet, daddy is gonna enjoy himself for as long as he wants. You can ask when I say you can ask and not before, so be quiet, hold still and just let daddy bury his face in that sweet cunt.

Thirty minutes later, good girl you are so ready, twisting, clenching, and most of all obeying. Let daddy take that gag out, are you ready to drench your daddy? Yes please, I would love to soak all of you daddy. OK, there is an awfully sloppy mess down here, are you sure you have enough inside for four hard gushes? Yes daddy I promise I am ready. Will you promise to cum the second daddy says yes? Yes daddy please I am so ready, the big girl cum is longing to come out, I am not gonna make it daddy please hurry please can I ask please daddy I am begging you. I am gonna turn the vibrator up to high now to help, ok honey? Yes daddy, thank you oh no please let me ask you daddy I cannot hold on uhhh, please, daddy. OK honey, ask daddy nicely, but the second I say yes, I better be fucking wet. Yes daddy. OK, ask. Please Sir, may I cum for you?




Daddy? Please daddy may I cum for you?


Daddy? Daddy? (screaming)

Vibe turns off

No honey. Why were you screaming? A baby screams and babies dont get to cum. Maybe when you have grown up a bit and can ask like a good little girl and then WAIT quietly for the answer, you will get to cum. We will try again later honey, now turn over, its time for daddy to enjoy your sweet bottom. Why are you crying honey, are you frustrated, oh right, you have a belly full of cum and a burning clit and a swollen puss and all you can do is cry like a baby cuz you didnt get what you wanted. We will have to work on that, I will not live with a selfish baby, only a good little girl.

Now relax and let daddy take your bottom, this is gonna hurt quite a bit, but you can cry, baby.