Permission to cum - Watch what you ask for!

Just imagine

You have been teased for more than thirty days, your body is swollen, needy, all you can think about is having an orgasm, finally being able to feel the rush you get as you cum. Told not to ask any questions, but to be sure you are swollen, you are to pump your clit and edge 3 times today. Remember you must masturbate for a minimum of fifteen minutes following your pumping, remaining in contact with your swollen and very sensitive clitoris. When you end your session, you must not touch yourself in any sexual way for at least the next two hours.

Picking you up we walk to my car, before you step in I ask if you remembered to wear your sexy lace panties, a bit embarrassed you simply nod yes. Taking you out to dinner I stop at a very nice restaurant, as we enter, I choose a seat to keep us where everyone will be able to see and hear what is happening. As the waitress steps up, I take your menu, handing you a tube of maxoderm and instructing you to go to the restroom, remove your panties and apply the stimulant. Then turning my attention back to the now red faced young lady I place our drink orders. It is always interesting to see the reaction of another young woman when I give you a command like this.

Returning to the table, I have you hand me your panties, knowing you were already wet, I look for the evidence of your arousal, seeing the nice wet spot that had formed before we even came into this establishment. Again noting the way our waitress is watching us, as she begins placing the drinks on our table, I ask you if your clitoris is aching. Speechlessly you stare at me not knowing what to do, your face is flushed a deep shade of red, our waitress is even left speechless. Almost spilling our drinks, she chokes on her words as she ask if we would like to place our dinner order.

Again, ordering for us, I have her bring us each an order of shell fish, stating that it is good for the libido, and knowing the evening ahead of us I'm sure it will make it even better. Keeping dinner light, even the waitress notices the way you are shifting in your seat, blushing she asks you if you are OK. As we are finishing, when she again comes to our table, I choose this time to hand you a set of ben-wa balls, telling you to please go insert them, then return immediately to the table. Finally taking the bill from her hand, I leave a very generous tip along with a business card, telling her she could be enjoying this same intense pleasure if she so desired.

Leaving the restaurant, I decide we should walk the next few blocks to our hotel. Knowing you are having trouble keeping the balls inside, I remind you not to drop them, that it is important your on the very edge before we get to our room. Finally entering our hotel room, I have you immediately remove everything, leaving you totally nude before I even cross the room to close the blinds. You now see the slightly modified sybian in the center of the room, I enjoy the look on your face as you see the clamps that have been added to secure your legs along the bottom edge of the device.

Tonight you will have your orgasm, you will cum, many times, how many will be out of your control, just know that you will be fine. Turning you around, I proceed to secure your arms behind your back, taping your wrist to forearm so you are totally helpless. Once you are on the machine I do not want you to be able to lift yourself in any way, you will be forced to endure the pleasure of this device for as long as I see fit. Helping you over to the sybian, I take your maxoderm and coat the shaft and clitoral stimulating pad with a large quantity of cream. Telling you that I'm sure your lubrication will be more than sufficient to make things slippery, I help guide you into position. Enjoying the way you take in your breath as your body is filled. The shaft I have attached is a bit larger than any dildo we have used before, I want it to stretch you just a bit, not so you get larger, but so you begin with just the slightest discomfort at it's size.

Once your fully on the sybian, I enjoy the way you move, trying to adjust to its size within your body. I now take the time to place the leg clamps running under the device over your calves, effective forcing you to remain fully seated, unable to lift off the machine. Again, I tell you that I will be forcing many orgasms from you tonight. Starting on low, I get things going just to the point of frustrating you, it feels good, but it is too slow to make you cum quickly. Moving behind you, I begin toying with your breasts, then, placing clamps on your erect nipples, I enjoy the way they make you ache.

Forcing you forward slightly, I now begin to lubricate your ass, telling you tonight you will be giving up your last virginity. Knowing you are scared I stand in front of you as I lubricate my shaft, I remind you that you will not be harmed, that it may be painful at first but that you will enjoy it in the end. Taking up position behind you, I begin to penetrate your bottom as you helplessly ride this device. Having your pussy already filled to capacity, the additional sensation at having you ass filled with my cock is almost overwhelming. Your gasping for air, it hurts, tears are forming in your eyes, but at the same time it is wonderful. The pain is strange, it feels good, you are begging, but you do not seem to know what to beg for. Just saying please, you cannot seem to get anything else out as I slowly enter your bottom for the first time.

Now turning up the sybian, I enjoy the ride, keeping you bent forward, your clitoris is vibrated, you begin to cum almost immediately, the spasms of your body feel wonderful, and being within you sets me off before long. Finally pulling out of your body, your begging me to stop the machine as you have already had three orgasms. Moving around to watch your reaction, I finally allow you to sit straight, however this also serves to force the dildo deeper into your body. Taking the controls I back them off just a bit, watching as your eyes beg me to let you up. Kissing you deep, I turn up the device, noting with much excitement how you startle. Leaving our kiss, I sit back watching as your quickly approach another orgasm. Toying with the controls, I back things off to keep your at the pinnacle of release. Finally after much torment you again beg me to make you cum again, knowing it will be torture in itself.

Taking the machine to a state to slowly push you over the edge, I enjoy the way you build, the way you obviously ache to cum, then just as you tip over that edge, as you begin to cum, I turn the controls to force it even higher. Your orgasm leaves you very sensitive, however I turn up the controls to force a second, then a third orgasm from you body. Now begging me not to make you cum again, it take you to two more orgasms, leaving you so sensitive you can no longer speak, your eyes so wide your mouth wide open, you can only stare and make guttural sounds. Finally pushing you to the point of blacking out, you slump forward.

I now release your legs, carefully placing you onto the bed, knowing you have never experienced anything like this before, I can hardly wait till you wake. As your still out I take to time to secure you to the bed, then I prepare the hand held Hitachi magic wand to set you off at least once more.

As you begin to stir, I start applying more stimulant as well as the wand, fighting while your still half out of it, I begin to tell you I want you to cum just once more. Moving so I can insert myself into your mouth, I begin fucking your face as you struggle to get away from your stimulation. Together cumming again, I flood your mouth with another load of semen as you thrash around trying to avoid your last forced orgasm. Setting you off, the scream you release is unlike anything I have ever heard. Blacking out once more, when you finally wake, you find yourself free of your bonds. Asking the time I tell you it's nearly 1 in the afternoon, you've slept for about twelve hours, I guess this has you a bit warn out.

Helping you to the shower, I wash you very tenderly, telling you to expect this again the next time you ask for permission to cum.



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OC.. it is not fair you write these things. How dare you!

suffering terribly,

Great Story

That is a great story OC. I can think of a few gals I would like to see endure this too. Thanks.

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Oh my. I hope this doesn't g

Oh my. I hope this doesn't given Talon any ideas. (but it was a great story)

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