Cuckqueaning, also known as reverse cuckolding, is when a man or woman 'cheats' on their girlfriend/wife to humiliate her. This can also be combined with orgasm denial or a larger denial of sex or other activities that the Dom is now getting from someone else. Obviously a bit of a mind fuck and not for everyone.

I've talked about this with a previous sub that suggested it and my current sub, with whom I've brought it up. Just wondering if anyone else here has kicked it around and the idea of combining it with OD.


Indeed I have played with that idea. I'm planning a vacation to visit a long-time female friend in the states (I'm in europe) and thinking of bringing my girlfriend. they are both submissive, and for me that would be the ultimate thrill, applying orgasm denial and other such tasty things to them both at the same time.
However, my girlfriend isn't secure enough (yet) for me to tie her up and have her watch me have sex with the other girl, in fact, I'm going to have to treat them both equally "terrible" (which is just fine by me).

Why not...

You could tie up the other girl and just make her watch. One fun idea that my former sub brought up was using the girl that isn't getting fucked as a pillow for the girl that is, or even the other girl just lying on top of her.

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heh... I've had fantasies of

heh... I've had fantasies of this sort about my boyfriend's ex. Not the humiliation or bondage parts, but I imagine just laying back and cradling her from behind, while the two of them enjoy one another. Mmm... such a nice tingle just thinking of it, only the slightest hint of jealousy. Probably best left as a fantasy, though. She'd be horrified to hear about this.

I'll sometimes ask him about her while we're making love ... what she liked, the sorts of things they'd do together. He found this quite bizarre at first, later teasing me about having a crush on her, but it's not that ... just a peculiar fascination.

All three of us are still on good terms. I consider her a friend, though we don't get together much. She stayed with us for a few weeks in '06, while going through some trying times. We had a couple of nice cuddle sessions ... nothing overtly sexual, but it's always a pleasant memory to revisit :)

- weirdo alex

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that's sweet :)

that's sweet :)


I have actually done this with a slave I had years ago. She would often perform warm up duties, I would tie her down to a chair so she could watch me with the other woman and then we would untie her and she would perform cleanup duty, get drinks, hold ashtrays etc. I would also rarely let her orgasm, once a month or less, but she would watch me with the other woman giving her orgasms, which I know she found to be humiliating.

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