Teasing and Denial videos/A favorite fantasy

Hey, I'm really into both male and female orgasm denial. I was wondering if anyone knew of good videos on this topic - particularly where the guy/girl is tied spread eagle and teased/edged with a feather multiple times, screaming, writhing and begging for orgasm?

I have to say, particularly watching another woman being teased on her clit with a feather to the point where she's bucking and pleading - pussy dripping and clenching - I haven't seen it, but it's an incredible fantasy of mine - to hear the "ohhh" and "ahhh" sounds, to watch the nipples harden, the clit throb, the pussy ooz with arousal.

The ultimate fantasy would be an interrogation scene, with the torturer telling her he won't hurt her:

She's naked, tied spread-eagle. She's defiant, and when he begins to kiss and caress her, she scoffs, believing she will never get aroused. But slowly, he pulls out a cream, rubs her nipples and begins laving his tongue over her body - her neck, her stomach, her thighs. Soon her juices are flowing - not a lot, but she's definitely aroused.

Slowly, his mouth makes its way to her left nipple, his tongue gently flicking at it. He watches as her hips buck ever so slightly, as she tries ever so subtly to close her thighs, to ease the ache that is forming between her legs. He asks her if she's aroused, and even though its evident, she denies it again. He just smiles, moving his mouth to her other breast, teasing flicks, watching as she swallows, trying to keep her cool. Suddenly, he opens his mouth and takes one nipple into his mouth, suckling hard.

"Ohh!" she gasps, thrusting her hips. He quickly moves away, a smirk on his face.

"Not aroused?" he asks. "Your body tells a different tale, I'm afraid."

She looks at him defiantly, but he knows he has her. He holds up a fingertip, showing it to her. Then he dips it in another cream beside the bed - a gel, actually - an arousal mix that he knows will drive her mad. He shows her his coated fingertip and hovers it above her body as he moves down slowly, past her breasts. She starts to heave as she realizes where he's going.

"Don't," she gasps. "Please...What is that?"

"Before I do this," he says, stopping just above her pubic area, "I want to let you in on a secret. This gel on my fingers - it's a special blend I've perfected over the years. When applied to ... sensitive places ... it invokes a very strong reaction."

"Ohhh, don't," she moans, trying to close her thighs to no avail.

"Don't worry, it won't hurt - on the contrary, you've never felt pleasure like this before ... it's going to drive you mad with need, believe me." He gave her one last look before moving his finger a little lower. "Now, what have we here?" he teased, his left hand pushing back the little hood and blowing lightly on her clit.

"OHHHH!" she cried, her clit extending from its hiding place.

"Very sensitive I see ... and very well endowed," he teased. "Mind if I have a little taste?" He leaned down, flicking the tiny nub with his tongue - once, twice.

"Oh god!" she screamed, a fresh gush of moisture escaping her pussy. "Ohh!"

"Told you I wouldn't hurt you," he smirked. "You seemed to like that." Her clit was extended about an inch out of her hood. "Let's get this little love button of yours nice and ready, shall we?"

"OHHHH God!!!" she cried as his tongue lashed out again, his lips joining the onslaught, suckling her gently. She bucked her hips as much as she could, but the ropes held her down. His tongue moved away from her clit, toward her glistening opening, tickling the outer walls lightly, flicking at it, watching her pussy clench and unclench as the juices flowed even more.

Soon, she had forgotten she was being tortured - her whole focus was release as his tongue expertly brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Flicking, licking, thrusting inside.

"Ohhh my - please, PLEASE~!!" she screamed when his tongue began rubbing on her g-spot. But he quickly moved away, licking around her opening, laving her labia, and gently flicking her pulsing clit. She had never been kept on the edge so long, and little did she know that he was just getting started.

He knew she was close - her face flushed, head moving from side to side. He picked up the pace, giving constant short, light flicks to her nubbin, watching it engorge as she cried out, begging, as her arousal poured out of her.

"OHHH I'm...OHHH GOD I'M GONNNAA!" she was writhing, her body desperate for release, right on the edge. Just when she thought she was going over that sweet precipice, her interrogator stopped everything and pulled away.

"NOOOO!" she screamed, trying to push her thighs together, her hands pulling at the restraints - doing anything to touch herself, to achieve orgasm, but to no avail. "OOHHHH PLEASE! I was so CLOSE!!"

"I know," he whispered in her ear, licking her lobe. She shuddered, squeezing her eyes shut. "It's a sweet agony, isn't it?" he continued. "All that pleasure, just a moment away, but you can't get there. The pressure building, the body aching - but release ... well, it's just not coming, baby - no pun intended."

She looked at him with defiance, and he again held up his fingertip, still coated with the gel. "Now," he said, "I'm going to put this on your clit, and I'm going to leave you here for awhile ... leave you in sweet agony. And when I come back ... maybe, just maybe, you'll get your release. But only if you tell me what I need to know."

"Ohh, oh god, no!" she cried as his finger moved downward, her eyes wide with both arousal and fear. "OHHHH! Please don't, not that, not there! Oh, no, anywhere, but please not there!"

He smiled, shaking his head, then parted her folds, giving her clit a small flick of his thumb. "I think," he said,"since you're so aroused, I'll give you a bit more than I normally would ... in areas that will truly drive you wild. But let's try this for starters, see how it feels..."

"Ohhh ... no...no no!" she cried, as he slowly placed his index finger on her clit. He was careful not to rub too hard, and he held her hips down firmly, so she could not buck. The gel coated nicely over her throbbing clit, and he watched it grow another half an inch.

"Ohhh ... oh god, what ... what's happening ... I...ohhh no!" she screamed as he moved away, watching her writhe and moan like a woman in fever. She had a fever - between her thighs, a fever that just went up by several degrees.

"Tell me, how do you feel?" he grinned.

"ohhh it's ... it's maddening! Please, please! Get it off! It's ... oh GOD!"

"It doesn't hurt, though does it?"

"No, no, it - OOHHH!" she cried, rotating her hips, desperate for relief, her thighs trembling. "Ohhh no, it's s-sooo ohhhhh!"

"So? Arousing?" he asked. "Well, there's more where that came from," he said, dipping two fingers deeply into the gel. "And just to let you know - you won't be cumming from it either. It'll keep you on the edge, but it won't let you get over that edge and into sweet release. Like I said, it's a special blend."

"Whhhat are y-you d-d-doing?" she gasped, waching his fingers decend again. Her belly was heaving, and her eyes widened in horror as she figured out what he was going to do next. "Ohhh... oh god, no! I'll talk! I'll talk! Just please, not there!"

"Too late, dear," he smirked. He loved to toy with them. Once he had his victims where he wanted them, he knew they'd cave in, no matter what. She could wait - he was having way too much fun with her. "Now," he said, settling between her trembling thighs, "it seems your very aroused." He flicked his thumb over her quivering opening, which was throbbing, right on the edge of orgasm. He'd seen so many in this state, he knew how close she was - and that she could get even closer.

"ohhh yes damnit! I'm aroused! Just stop! Just please! Don't do this. Let me... ohhhh god ... let me!"

"Let you what?" he teased, let his thumb continue its torturously light caress over her opening.

"LET ME CUM!" she screamed, thrusting her hips, but he held her down.

"Easy now, I'll decide when, and if, that's going to happen, baby," he smirked. "Now just sit back and enjoy." He spread her wider, his gel-coated fingers headed toward her opening.

"Ohhh...oh no, please! Not there!" she screamed, but her pleas were in vain. He gently thrust his fingers inside her, rubbing her g-spot, covering her sensitive walls with the gel. As quickly as he moved inside he pulled out, and her pussy clamped down, trying to keep him inside. But he was too quick, and he watched as her opening clenched down on nothing, swelling and throbbing madly.

"AHHHH!" she cried, the sensation overwhelming her. A small glob of her arousal spurted out of her as she bucked her hips wildly. The gel on her g-spot and clit was driving her mad - she desperately needed release, but was kept on the razor's edge of orgasm.

"Now," he said. "We can have some more fun." Pulling out a soft feather, he gently slid it up her body, teasing her nipples lightly.

"OHHH PLEASSE!" she screamed, her nipples growing harder by the second, her clit throbbing. She felt the fluid pouring out of her - more than she ever remembered excreting - and she hadn't even cum yet.

"Frustrating isn't it?" he smiled, moving the feather downward. "Now this will really rock your world, my friend."

Her eyes watched in terror as he trailed the feather to her thighs, tickling her pubic mound lightly. "STOOPP! OH PLEASE, I'LL DO ANYTHING ... JUST ...OHHH GODDD! LET ME CUM!!!"

But he wouldn't relent, brushing the soft feathers in a light motion over her pussy, the feathers teasing her in an excruciating caress. "OHHHH, OH NO!! OH GOD!!! NOT THERE!" she cried as he flicked the feathers lightly over her clit. The sensation was unbearable - the lightest touch, but not enough to bring her off, not enough to get over the edge.

'OHHH I'M BEGGING YOU! OHHHH I CAN'T STAND IT!" she screamed as he tickled her opening. Her arousal grew more and more, her thighs quivering, her chest heaving, her face flushed and contorted in pleasure and agony. Right on the edge. And he intended to keep her there for a very long time.

(Any way I could get that on video? :) )

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If you do, you better share, buddy...


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I'd sure love to see that video! I wish hogtied, et al would do a denial site.

This story is great. Just what I needed right now.... not! Too much good stuff on this site today!


Nice story. Plus, "his tongue

Nice story. Plus, "his tongue began rubbing on her g-spot". Wish I had such a tongue.

'... always have, always will'

I have a camera....

Don't you want to be a star? ;)

non T&D homepage: http://www.wompadan.com

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i wish i had the courage ...

but i don't want to be a star! i wish we all had the courage to make films of our torments! We could form a corporation like the hogtied group... orgcontrol.com. ha.

Wompa, it is extraordinarily nice to see you post! I have missed you.


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hey hey

good to see you're still about, hope you're enjoying married life.

Male Teasing Videos

I am more focused on M2M Teasing and Forced Edging. If you enjoy watching guys get tormented by another guy, you might check out the videos of Rich Melcher of Reluctant Young Men. He has two web outlets for his videos:



very good story

What a good story, i haven't found your video but i'd like to write you a good tease.

For the moment, i let you this link


there is no feather but the girl seems to have use the aphrodisiac gel !

Videos online

As has been mentioned here before, check out The Bondage Channel:


There are a decent number of teasing videos on that site.

I would love to see kink.com do a teasing site, but I don't think they will. I will say this though - most bondage sites do appreciate feedback. Like every industry, porn sites are exist because there is high demand for their product. If you want more sites to do tease/denial videos, email them! If nobody knows there's a demand, nobody is going to bother trying to run a site. I've subscribed to a number of different bondage sites over the years, and I frequently email the webmaster to request more tease/denial videos. More voices certainly wouldn't hurt the cause.

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Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

Wow!!! what a story. I think you should write more of them. I nearly came hands free while reading it. PLEASE tell us about her further torments, but don't forget to finally - after many more pages of agony - especially for us horny readers - describe her ultimate release. does she squirt? pass out? shout obscenities? bite her tongue? pull a groin muscle during the seizure?


Does he cruelly incarcerate her throbbing cum trigger in a chastity belt fitted with a device designed to deliver a drop of that gel directly to her engorged girl nub every hour for a month at a time? Then set her (and your readers) free to suffer indefinitely? Just food for thought.

ahem . . . (now in my most dignified "professor voice") good work, keep it up.

Whew . . . now someone please open up a window . . . I'm sweating . . .

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Someone put this one up a while back.
Not the whole scenario by any means, but the feather is there:



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Magic trick

Can't see video

OK, reynard, I visited the link above, and it says:
"The following video is a jewel in the treasure chest of every orgasm denial fan. It shows a lesbian couple having casual sex with a toy. The true nature of the video is well concealed until the very end. Hot and steamy sex with sweet orgasm denial."

But how do I get it to show the video?

I can see right through you.

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Playing the video

You should see a Flash-based embedded video player thingy, with a static image of a woman's backside with hands on it.

If you click the play button at the bottom left of it, it should start after it's buffered (downloaded) it a bit.

There's also a rewind/forward slider thingy and a volume control at the bottom of it.

Not seeing it

Where on the screen is this supposed to be?
I'm not seeing anything like you describe.

I can see right through you.

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Dunno, all I can suggest is you're missing the Flash plug-in for your browser, or it's out of date and can't handle the video? Weird...

Anyone else having trouble with it?

Reimagine the story where at the end we find out the bonds

were constructed of her desire to be there. The greater the desire, the greater the bonds.

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