male denial

Male orgasm denial.

10 times

Okay, so this is definitley *not* denial, but it ultimately is for that purpose. Though I'm not certain she expects me to actually attain this I have been ordered to work my way up to being able to cum 10 times in one day. The test so to speak is to make her cum ten times to my one with multiple orgasm sessions. I have traditionally not been able to go more than five or six times in a day, and after three it can hurt. I've got a lot of work to do and haven't even begun. I may not succeed, but I will have fun trying I'm sure. I wonder if any of that gel we have talked about works on guys,

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Update Day 18 of My Denial

It has now been 18 days since my last orgasm, with the first ten days being free of teasing sessions due to privacy constraints. This morning Mrs Rapid and I woke up a little early, she is still not feeling well due to cold. I, or course, woke up squirming twisting and turning trying to find some relief from the baby oil and plastic pants which have now been on for 60 hrs, only coming off long enough for bodily functions and replacing oil when necessary. I am starting to describe the events of this morning, but I have to get up and take a walk, thinking about what I am going to write has me fighting not to hump the pants as I am so horny.

Ten days and a perfect 10 it was!

It was ten days from start to finish. I wasn't able to cum on my own...physically. This was due to some factors out of our control, but my loving wife enjoyed taking full advantage of me during that time, and so did I. She teased me more and more pushing me to the very limit of what I think I can endure before finally allowing me to overtake her and bring her to cloud nine. She seemed to linger there for a long time and we had a wonderful evening.
At one point I embarrasingly couldn't resist the lewd gyrations one tends to make when they want it so bad that the body overtakes the mind's control of oneself and seeks out the wandering stimulation.

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Current Denial Period

While with the grand kids, there were no opportunities for privacy and sexual activity due to need to share bedrooms, etc. On the way home we decided that I might just as well have started my new Denial Period, so my last orgasm was on April 4th, making today day 12 of this Denial Period. We also decided to make a couple of changes, one being the use of a 7-12 die to decide how long a particular phase (No Touch, vibrator belt, or the new one) would be so that there are no short periods of only a day or two. The second change was to incorporate an idea from one of hrnybtch’s teases – baby oil with some astroglide mixed in. I purchased a pair of large plastic pants (like you would wear over diapers) to keep the oil in place without staining clothes and being wiped off. You ladies can keep it hidden, but my parts are out there. These and the oil stay on 24 hrs/day and there are no teases scheduled, so there are no dice rolls for orgasm. Mrs Rapid may fondle, etc, through the plastic whenever she wants, of course.

The most intense tease

I just endured the most intense teasing sensation. Being tightly held against her body, my smaller head (involuntarily at this point) gyrating against her mound. I started to go for what I wanted and was scornfully dettered. Had I been naked or been able to break free of my boxer snap I would have probably entered her by force of nature. She held me fast until she was ready to sleep. I loved the sensation, but I haven't cum for a week and would do anything for her for that chance right now.

Foot in mouth

Well, I guess I'm not as assertive as I thought. I tried to take the lead, and in fact was partially successful. However after I satisfied her (though she was quiet and I didn't even realize at first I'd lost that upper hand of her intense desire and need for orgasm) she quickly became more dominant than I. She was left satisfied and I was left in a state of intense arousal. She did offer me a masturbatory out that I chose not to accept. I like the feeling of the intense arousal and the out was not exactly something I wanted to do. My body became one giant sex organ, responding to every little caress.

The unescapable itch

The itch is nagging. The desire unescapable, the need is everpresent. I'm horny. There is no doubt that my mind and body won't let go of the primal urge. When I spoke to her about it last night she said I'd just have to be horny. I was reluctant, but I accepted it and went to sleep. Only it follows me into my sleep. I dreamt of a world where you could actually feel what happens to your online presence. Games and chats that had avatars enabled you to actually feel sexual pleasure administered by others in cyberspace. She has an avatar. I have an avatar. Our avatars played with one another. My avatar brought her to many orgasms. You can program avatars. Hers was very orgasmic. Mine was nearly anorgasmic. My avatar was just about to finally break over that edge, and I could feel every little touch, my avatar sexually sensitive and transferring that sensitivity to my real body. Just one more little push and I'd have the most wonderful orgasm, but the computer crashed right then. I was left panting and unable to cum. I woke up, unable to cum in reality due to a medicine with the side affect of anorgasmia. I attempted to skip the dose last night. She wouldn't let me. "Awe, poor baby," she said sarcastically " have to be horny."

Crossing the line

So, when does an action cross the line? A lot has been talked about lately on the board regarding crossing the line between sexual activity and sexual offense. I have been crossing that line when making comments or with certain looks by mistake. I've a naturally high libido and am submissive. I usually rely on my other half to tell me when I've gone too far, but if I'm harrasing her then I have more than failed. I have offended. So how does one know in this world where the line is? What feels good to one person feels awful to another. About the only way I know is to communicate beforehand what you like and don't.

Still no release!

So it's now day 89 and tomorrow will se my 3rd month on no orgasm. I have been brought to the edge by my wife frequently and left hard and wanting. She will ask me to help her orgasm either by licking her or by nipple play while she uses her vibrator. I often get to dry-hump her leg. She places a towel over her leg and will let me suck her tits while I hump. When i start getting too close I roll onto my back. Normally by this stage she is coming and I then get to hold her as she comes. She moves so well as she does this, jerking her body and gasping/moaning. i love to wrap my arms around her and feel the spasms rock her. Afterwards she will snuggle up and sometimes just lay her hand over my cock. i have real trouble keeping still and will often twitch and throb under her palm. She lets me do this for a while and even I can try and rub gently against her hand. When she kisses me and says that she has had a great orgasm but feels tired I know it's time to lie still and let her sleep. It can take some time for me to drop off and I must admit as I hear her breathing slow and her body relax I normally do 'flex' my cock under her hand. I can't seem to help it! All it really does tho is keep me horny, hard and awake more !!

Level of control

She asked me to bring my blog up on her pc the night before last. She bookmarked it. I certainly didn't expect that level of control, though I of course enjoyed it. She now can see this blog at any moment and I won't even know if she is aware of what I've written come next playtime. It wouldn't be right for me to change the way I use this site, so I will continue to write about my fantasies and experiences as I have been, only she will be able to see some of my thoughts.
She will also be reading some of my previous thoughts. Looking at the previous post prompted her to have me give her a copy of my writings. She now knows exactly what my limits are for punishments, or will know when she reads the writings. I even had included some of what I would like to do to her in those writings. With some creativity I may still be able to surpise her, but I'm sure she will be able to surpirse or put me into predicaments easily now.

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