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The Virgin

Something I posted on FetLife just now. Be warned, it's pretty gay. :)

"Now, this one's a Virgin with a capital V." The Master showed me one of his favourites, resting face-down on the top of a specially modified bunk-bed, clearly exhausted from the day's activities.

"But aren't all of them here?"

"Yeah, they've all been kept from fucking, no matter how much cock, ass or pussy I tempt them with. But this one's exceptional. I've only had a handful like him here."

My first experiences with extended edging

I started practicing with edging a week ago after reading several of the Jester's blog entries. Simply put, edging seems to me an exciting form of sexual activity. I spend anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours edging.
First I use a large metal cock ring to get my cock engorged; I then let it get soft; I then remove the ring since the orgasmic waves are more intense. I have not cum in a week.

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