male denial

Male orgasm denial.

find a Domme!

dear friends

I am new here

love stories

and love to find a Domme to guide me

this is one of my favorite stories that I wrote!


new journey

I'm going to buy a chastity device and need a mistress or master to take control. If you're interested, my skype is denialplay

There is a device out there designed for long term use, so I will have no excuses for not holding up as long as you wish :) my only request is that we skype voice call often.

One week on no-touch

I made it one week without touching for the first time in my life! I'm so happy and proud that I just wanted to let you know :)

Still 5 days ahead.

Desperately looking for T&D edging partner

Im a 38 year old single experienced male Dom/switch looking for a edging/T&D partner. Im hoping to find a lady that has like interest in T&D, edging, ruined orgasm, anal play/training and daily tasks to play with. This can be you in control only or a mutual control situation if you'd like. Please get in touch to chat or with any questions.

I need a female mistress

Hello i think i need help getting denied i am in search of a female mistress rareman1907 yahoo mail and messenger. If anyone is interested please contact me

Headaches from all day edging

I was wondering if anybody involved in all day edging end up having a headache?

Day 13 of denial with all day toys

An interesting day today. I haven't cum for 13 days and for my entire work day today I have been wearing a little comfy harness holding 5 steel rings on my cock ( plus the one that is always in my pa piercing), and a butt plug too. It is a good pelvic floor trainer - I clench my muscles around the plug and it also moving my cock slightly through the rings. Feels delicious, been doing it all day. Work rate is low - lucky it's a friday...

When Mother Nature decides your sexual fate for you

So, what does one think when the body modifies itself? I have always had the denial kink, elongating that orgasm since I first understood sexuality to any degree. However, body modification wasn't something I personally planned on experiencing. However, I have a medical condition that does just that (there are many that do, I've found). Currently, the skin on my penis is affected, and though it is not contagious and doesn't look horribly disgusting (just inflamed) it has significant implications.

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A denial story for my male counterparts... hope you like it

Lady Ada Callisto strode down the black and white marble tiled hall to her bedroom. Alerted by the angry noise of high heeled sandals echoing across the floor, her maid Rachel was waiting at attention when the Lady stormed into the room and flung herself into the chair at her dressing table.
"That bad?" Rachel asked sympathetically. She picked up a hair brush and began letting her mistress's hair down from the elaborate formal style she wore to meetings of the senate.

Day 2 - again

I got really scared thinking about a year without cummin, so I begged Mistress for 1 last orgasm before I go for months and months of denial. MISTRESS SAID YES!!! So as of the first i have been on denial, so the second is day 2 and so on, its easy for Mistress to keep track :p

i am very grateful for Mistress and am trying very hard to make myself super horny all the time! Its working :(

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