male denial

Male orgasm denial.

And here...we...go. DAY 1

First of all, thanks for letting me join the group.
A few info about me: I'm a hetero guy of average build, 5'9" height. I'm single, but not looking for a partner right now.

A Plague of Abundance

Hello Tantalism, It's been a while since I posted. I still write, and have many stories in progress but mostly unfinished. This one was completed recently. The format is another in my 'official report' style like 'The Research Subject', and so may be a little dry for some. Or not, depending on your imagination!

It's in html and needs the formatting, so there's just a link here to the story on ASSTR. Text is 146K.

I hope you enjoy it.

A Plague of Abundance
Fiction by SensoryOverlord, 20150403

"You can't cum."

This is a true experience. Before fully immersing yourself in it you should know that I have been prescribed a medication that is used for a variety of conditions, but it's primary purpose is anticonvulsant. I makes me hypersexual (not the first medicine to do this) and it makes me completely anorgasmic by my own hand. With great effort I have been able to orgasm (though to a very low level of sexual satisfaction) during extended love making sessions. Here is how it went last night:

Older woman fantasy

This is a fantasy I have developed over the last few years. I am in my 40's now, and nothing remotely close to this happened to me as a young developing teen. But learning more as I have now about edging and denial, and remembering back to how I was as a never satisfied horny teen... I wish I could go back in time and have this happen to me.

find a Domme!

dear friends

I am new here

love stories

and love to find a Domme to guide me

this is one of my favorite stories that I wrote!


new journey

I'm going to buy a chastity device and need a mistress or master to take control. If you're interested, my skype is denialplay

There is a device out there designed for long term use, so I will have no excuses for not holding up as long as you wish :) my only request is that we skype voice call often.

One week on no-touch

I made it one week without touching for the first time in my life! I'm so happy and proud that I just wanted to let you know :)

Still 5 days ahead.

Desperately looking for T&D edging partner

Im a 38 year old single experienced male Dom/switch looking for a edging/T&D partner. Im hoping to find a lady that has like interest in T&D, edging, ruined orgasm, anal play/training and daily tasks to play with. This can be you in control only or a mutual control situation if you'd like. Please get in touch to chat or with any questions.

I need a female mistress

Hello i think i need help getting denied i am in search of a female mistress rareman1907 yahoo mail and messenger. If anyone is interested please contact me

Headaches from all day edging

I was wondering if anybody involved in all day edging end up having a headache?

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