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Tantalism: A teasing or tormenting by the hope or near approach of good which is not attainable.

Welcome to, an exploration of the delicious tension arising from thwarted sexual release. We hope to provide a friendly community atmosphere, and a hotbed of eroticism for devotees of this kink. Diversity of input is encouraged, as we prefer to travel the less worn paths, including female denial, same-sex activities and the extreme bounds of fantasy.

female denial

Female orgasm denial.

Day 8

Day 8: OK, this time I'm kinda confused about what happened last night. I remember the very strong sensation of being masturbated, and seeing hands down there, I know I didn't actually masturbate, but I'm unsure about whether this was a dream or a fantasy as I was falling asleep. I'm not even sure if I was dreaming/fantasizing about masturbating myself or someone else doing it. I do remember getting very close to cumming several times, even thinking I was going to, but it never quite happened. :( Day 18 of menstrual cycle.

Day 7

Day 7: Been on no-touch since my unfortunate edging accident on the 14th. I'm getting better at dealing with the horniness, I think. Practice makes perfect I guess. Had a dream last night that I was looking at a catalog of men's clothes, all the models were fully dressed but also really hot, and I was thinking about masturbating to the pics but knew I shouldn't and managed not to. Have been looking at a fair amount of porn, though perhaps I shouldn't. Day 17 of menstrual cycle.

Feeling Brave

I am thinking about finding someone to tease and deny me for a while. I am a mature woman, married, but in need of some controlling :) I have asked here before, but guess i wasn't quite ready, so, being hopeful and asking again.

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Playmate for my slave

I have a dedicated online female slave who is curious about subbing to another female for denial play, or maybe whatever you have in mind. Send me an email or gchat at if you are interested in talking about it.

We don't care if you are submissive to men or switchy, as long as you know how to treat a submissive girl, nice and strict.

Be Careful What You Wish For

On my eighth night of denial, he ordered me to go back on no touch after I had been on a few days of edging. I knew how much no touch was going to test me, so I worked up the courage to ask him for a couple more opportunities to edge before starting no touch once again. He was very generous as he granted my request and ordered me to complete 10 more edges before bed. I had expected him to assign me more than 2, but I honestly was not expecting 10. My greediness and desperation to cum had gotten the better of me and now I was facing a major challenge.

Day 14 Edging Accident

Day 14: I broke my previous no-touch record by making it to the 2-week mark! Master said I could edge when I got to this point, but being stupid I decided to do it with the showerhead (which is always such an intense sensation I have trouble with control). It took 40 seconds before I got that "I'm about to cum feeling", at which point I removed the water spray from my clit but the orgasm just kept cumming! Physically it felt wonderful of course, but I was also disappointed in myself. I told my Owner and He was very understanding about it being an accident.

Day 12 Update

I have some good news, had my 1st sex dream for this attempt last night! Was having sex with a guy, kinda an unusual position, I was on top but he was entering me from behind, like he was laying on his back and I was on my back on top of him. It felt really good, but I couldnt get any clit stimulation in that position, I felt my clit swelling up and demanding attention like i does when I masturbate by just penetration.

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Five rules

I think I've come up with a good way to do what he wants (tease myself to the point of madness) without making so many mistakes. So far the arousal it has produced is the most intense of my life. There is no satisfaction at all, and the temptation is nearly constant.

Five rules:
Rule #1- no contact with my clit. At all. No touching, teasing, edging, anything. This rule makes an orgasm nearly impossible for me.

Day 12

Day 12: Incredably horny today but still surprisingly easy not to give into the URGE. Was really tempted for a moment a couple times today, but I'm feeling really connfident I'll hold on this time! throbbing down there almost feels like something churning inside or something. Like something is getting ready to happen. Pelvis feels really full and congested, starting to hurt. Find my hands wandering over my body, even in publis (gotta watch that!). Thoughts wandering too, no take that back, thoughts are quite focused on 1 thing. And boys. And their 1 thing.

Day 11

Day 11: Up till now I've been doing really well, I have been horny but it's been tolerable. Even yesterday was OK, even though I woke up leaking cum (but not orgasming). I think being Owned and knowing that my Master would be dissappointed if I came without His permission really does help, there's a whole mindset that goes with being someone's sub. But today has been hard, hot and tingly and feeling like I'm going to burst all day long. Mind keeps wandering to sexual things that make me want to moan and shudder. I relly want to and think I will be good this time, though.

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