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Tantalism: A teasing or tormenting by the hope or near approach of good which is not attainable.

Welcome to, an exploration of the delicious tension arising from thwarted sexual release. We hope to provide a friendly community atmosphere, and a hotbed of eroticism for devotees of this kink. Diversity of input is encouraged, as we prefer to travel the less worn paths, including female denial, same-sex activities and the extreme bounds of fantasy.

female denial

Female orgasm denial.

Good god

Good god. Edger88's videos have always gotten me going, but I was literally whimpering out loud long before I'd reached the end of this series, just watching---not touching. The description of this video series is: "Tied and tormented with feathers, soft tipped paintbrushes and massage oil, cruelly deliberate fingertips and the slowest tongue movements and gentlest sucking motions."

You can just barely make out the woman's vocalizations and some of the things that he says to her if you turn the volume all of the way up.

Suddenly, on no-touch!?

I mentioned to my Master yesterday that I'd been thinking of asking to edge for a few days now-----for some context here, it has been almost 2 months since the last time that I asked for permission to edge-----and I told him directly that I was most likely going to ask for permission to do it today.

Giving myself to you

Hello community!

I'm looking to have a good night, and what better way then to hand myself over to your mercy? I'm looking to be edged and denied. I am a female sub and I have a vibrator. I will do whatever you ask of me and report back in the comments.

Thank you, I am grateful to sub for you all!

De-Lurking and First TD Attempt

Hi, everyone! I've been lurking on this site for over a year now, and I finally got the courage to make an account. So, here's a little bit about myself and my first attempt at orgasm denial.

Because of my religion, my boyfriend/Master and I have decided not to have sex until we are married. So we have a lot of boundaries in place. However, we are both incredibly interested in denial, and we had the opportunity to give it a shot a week or so ago.

"Please, touch my clit"

The timer went off, indicating that the skin-safe adhesive had dried & fully cured, and Alana, the young woman whom we had been playing with, on and off, over the years, and more recently, who’d been assisting my Master in executing my extended torment, grinned expectantly as my Master rose to his feet. He approached the bed, coming to stand by my torso, and she sat up straight, paying attention, but staying where she was – that is, reclined in a comfy chair she’d set up between my legs (to be able to relax while she teased me).

My first D/s relationship, thank you sir

This is my first post here, not surprisingly I was introduced to this site from sir. Having never truly experienced a D/s relationship I suppose he wanted to teach me a little about what I have agreed to. Don't get me wrong I had completed plenty of research on my own before hand, but to be led here from an experienced individual, I was quite excited to see what had to be said.

A quick, simple and effective tease for the ladies.

Lay back and spread your legs.
Take three deep breaths in through your mouth and out through your nose.
Imagine all of the sexy things you love.
Then quietly whisper to your self "Please may I touch myself"
And you hear the word "Yes"
You may then slowly run your finger from the bottom most part of your lips, parting them and then over your clit. Do this as slowy as possible 10 times.
Now relax for about 30 seconds.
And whisper again "Please may I touch myself?"
You hear "Yes" again
And slowly stroke yourself again 15 times.

My desire and advertisement

I have been lurking on this site for a very long time. The fact is that I love teasing and denying women that love that special tension and the feelings that come along with being aroused and frustrated all at once. In summary I am looking for any women that want to give it a shot with me. If you want me to tempt, torment and well... tantalize you, drop me a line and let's arrange something. I am happy to answer any questions.

Thanks for reading,


Morning has broken

I slept naked because of the great heat and anyway I love to be available to be touched. Yesterday in the morning, still half asleep we cuddled together, his arm reached from behind around my body. I am already awake, "listening" with my whole body. Eventually, after somy time, he may stroke softly my body, but without any sensitive parts. I am not sure, wether he likes to have sex and I do not feel it is up to me to initiate sex. Seldom I do so, but most times, I leave it to him. For he has the active part and I want to be sure he really likes to be active.

50'000$ used to develop female chastity panties - check it out!

These people are developing "anti-rape" boy-shorts for women. These boy-shorts can be worn comfortably, have a lock, cannot be pulled down or cut, cannot be torn and very hard to damage. It basically is a high tech chastity device. Supposed to ship July of this year if they finalize their prototype. Cool huh?

Here's the link:

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