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Fun and Games

Recently I have been working on a new game to play. Obviously one of denial and with some odds. I am looking to have 100 different options of things I will do in a day. Such as: Edging five times in the day with at least three of them being in public restrooms or edge for five minutes every two hours.

At the beginning of each day, I would choose one of the 100 at random, using either a 100 sided die, or asking a friend to pick a number from 1-100. Thus my teasing will be new and different from day to day.

A thought that keeps flashing through my mind

My Master and I are going to the movies with a friend in a little under an hour, and I have a fantasy running through my mind incessantly...

helping out in the yard

little thought in my head as I go outside to help in the yard...


96 Days Left...

I promised in a recent reply to a comment on my last post, that I'd be posting a brief overview of events from last night, within the hour, but as I have just received orders which greatly constrict my schedule, I won't be able to do that just yet.

Instead, as just a tiny little update...
I've been awake for about 2.5 hours, and He has already had me apply Intense twice---once, first thing when I woke up, and the second time was about 30 minutes ago.

97 days to go...

I got up about 2.5 hours ago, and my Master has already had me use the Intense on myself twice --- once, right after we got off of the phone (a lil less than 2.5 hours ago), and once right after I was done in the shower.

He and I aren't sure whether we will get to see eachother *tonight*, or if it will have to wait until tomorrow night, but, just in case it was tonight, I shaved...

I hadnt shaved my pussy for about +/2 weeks...so it's extra super sensitive now

"Training me to be a better Fucktoy"

I have been...completely soaked...and my clit has had a persistent, occasionally lightly-throbbing ache...ALL. DAY.
I am wet, aching, throbbing, and there is no release in sight for me until, at the very least, February 14th, 2013!!
We're playing with the notion of "no-touch" and Its been sending my mind into some very interesting places...I'm posting to share some of those particular places with all of you folks!

edging video

Hurray!: http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=vSJDb-S164-
The whimpers sound familiar. I think this might be one of our old tantalism friends. Now, why exactly do I need twenty-five words?
Female edging and self-denial. Hot.

personadom's picture


A picture of female orgasm denial by artist Kamitora.
Kamitora has done several of this kind of pictures, and this one is the latests so far.
Just click the link below to go to the page where the picture is.


Day-Long Self-Tease: For Women Only

This is an all-day tease for any interested women to follow!

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

What you will need:
A soft, poofy cosmetics brush (dry)
A bottle of KY Intense, V-Gel, or some comparable clitoral stimulant substance
At least 4 of those in-your-gloves heat packets (if you can find them)
A stopwatch, or some way to keep track of time
A notepad, or a tally keeper
Your toys of choice

What you will need with you all day:
the brush, the clitoral stimulant, the stopwatch, the notepad, and the heat pads.

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