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I've always had a tendency to develop emotionally intimate and deeply loving friendships. For a long time, I just sort of thought that was how friendship worked, but it would appear that what I'm experiencing is a bit outside the norm, and acknowledging that it's always difficult to really compare one's internal experiences with another, still, it seems like I feel love and compassion, in general and specifically for platonic friends, more intensely than the average person.

My goal: no-cum April

So it's nearly 10pm on March 31, and I've decided to go through April without cumming.

I'm notoriously bad at this (trying this before resulted in only lasting 6 days). But that was one of my first times, and I touched myself a lot during that week, so I kinda doomed myself from the start. I will say that those 6 days were very intense and exciting - but if I'm gonna last a month, I need a way to slow things down.

Two Titilating Teases: Video and Blog

Two things for you today Tantalism:

A) I found this lovely video! If anyone finds part 1 (or 3) let me know!

B) I mentioned this tumblr I found a while back that was kinky and queer but fooling around with T&D but now ze appears to have gone all the way doing self teasing and self denial with dice. Ze's been denied 7 days so far and has to go another 5 before having a CHANCE to cum again...


If you click the Teasing and Orgasm Control link at the top you'll just get the posts related to that.

Noticing My Boobs

I've been playing around with some of the tit torment suggestions y'all gave me. I tried some off-brand tiger balm on my nipples, which gets them pretty excited, and have plastic soda bottle caps inside my bra over my nipples. At first, the bottle caps weren't very noticeable, but as I move around more, they've become a constantly agitating presence. That makes for a nice hair shirt variant. (Anyone know where to buy a hair shirt, by the way?) And I can slap my tits around a bit to produce delightful little jolts of pain in my nipples.


Sometimes the urge to masturbate makes it hard to sleep. Not that sleeping is an especial talent of mine to begin with, so I can't blame it entirely on my sexual suppression. I discovered today that with my pussy being as sensitive as it is, the bumps and vibrations of a car can provide a lot of stimulation. I take care to continue sitting in the same position I would otherwise, not adjusting to give myself more or less stimulation, just accepting whatever stimulation I receive. It's an interesting little incidental tease, something unavoidable, over which I have no control.

Beginning of Spring

Spring is finally here. I'm abstaining from masturbation for the duration of the season. The only stimulation my pussy will get this spring will be from ginger root for two hours a week. I did 20 minutes of that last night, and I'm in the middle of doing at least 40 minutes right now. Trying to decide if I should go longer. I'm not sure which is worse (better?): completing the required time in long stretches so the ginger has ample time to work its aphrodisiac magic, or spacing it out into shorter stretches and then having to experience it more frequently.

Kundalini Experience

I write about this sort of thing here because I don't recognize any delineation between sacred and profane.

Reading Erotica

Reading erotica and looking at captioned images is great when I'm doing masturbation denial. It turns me on immensely. but my wet, aching pussy must lie between my open legs with no hope of receiving the stimulation it craves while I read about slutty sex slaves getting stimulation and even orgasm. All I get is the chance to tweak my nipples, at least. I have my breasts exposed, hanging out through the sides of my wifebeater. Hence they are easily accessible.

Delightfully Difficult

I knew this would be a challenge, but only three days in and already I'm sorely tempted whenever I have some time alone at home. I'm doing my second 20-minute ginger session right now. Either I'm particularly sensitive today or the ginger root I bought the other day is particularly good, because it burns like a motherfucker. I was already quite horny and I can feel the ginger feeding off that desire and magnifying it. I finished my 20 minutes and ate the piece of ginger root afterwards, just for good measure.


I had planned on giving up all sexual stimulation for Lent, 46 days of no touch. I failed four days in. Not only did I masturbate, but I even let myself cum. Despite being deeply disappointed in myself, it felt delightfully naughty to be breaking Lent. So I kept doing it. But now, I think the time has come to repent and prescribe an appropriate act of penance for myself. No touch has always been harder for me than tease and denial. Which is, of course, all the more reason to gain some much needed practice at it.

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