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Tantalism: A teasing or tormenting by the hope or near approach of good which is not attainable.

Welcome to, an exploration of the delicious tension arising from thwarted sexual release. We hope to provide a friendly community atmosphere, and a hotbed of eroticism for devotees of this kink. Diversity of input is encouraged, as we prefer to travel the less worn paths, including female denial, same-sex activities and the extreme bounds of fantasy.

female denial

Female orgasm denial.


I’ve been masturbating since the summer before first grade.

I remember my mom bought some sort of handheld back massager that had two different textures. One side had short, round ends, and the other longer rounded ends. I preferred the side with the longer.

I don’t know what made me do it. What made me take it to bed with me one night and press it in between my legs.

After that I was hooked. For months that summer I stole the massager and took it to bed with me, laying on my back and grinding it into my clit, praying no one heard me. I began keeping the tv on at all hours.

Looking for a woman to tease and deny

Hi there. I am an experienced dominant man that is looking for a wonderful, confident woman that loves to be teased and denied with an aim toward a long term, if even long distance, D/s relationship. Feel free to contact me on KIK - Blazeesq2000 or yahoo! same name.



Female Tease of the Day 22

Female Tease of the Day 22

1) Find a piece of erotica that you can quickly glance at from time to time. A snippet of writing, a picture or short video will suffice.

2) Glance at this and imagine yourself in that scene.

3) Rest your hand on your pussy, pressing in hard on your clit, or rub your nipples.

4) Hold this position until you feel a wave or two arousal wash over you.

5) Repeat the exercise as often as you can throughout the day.

6) No other touching wil be allowed.

New ways's been a long time since I have had an the clit. Or in all. I'm about to modify my body to only be allowed to have orgasms through my asshole opening and nipples - only through these spots I may cum. It's really difficult I must say... to change the nerves patterns. But my owner wants it like this. In the two years He's owned me, I have only felt His Cock in my cunt a few times... He prefer anal or use of my mouth. I actually also prefer this as I have more sensation in these holes.

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Getting Fucked

Week 41

Dear Diary,

It’s been over two weeks now and, apart from the insane arousal, I am getting used to denial. This is a good thing as I have at least 11 months denied and probably longer, as it will take a while to conceive. I am in for a long, long haul and I need to mentally accept it otherwise it’s going to be a long time waiting.

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A little night teasing

Sir has started a new round of torture. He teases me in my sleep, sliding his fingers inside me and stroking my hard clit.

I feel that it is somehow wrong to have my clit stimulated, an unnatural enjoyment, so I squirm and beg him not to. I weakly try to escape but he pins me down with one leg between mine and carries on.

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The First Two Weeks

Dear Diary,

Two weeks in denial, and it feels like longer.

At first I thought it wasn’t bothering me at all. I felt asexual and couldn’t get turned on, even when I wanted to, was thinking about sex stuff.

But, obviously, as it’s crept towards two weeks, the familiar pressure materialises and I feel more submissive.

And by ‘submissive’ I mean ‘raging pain slut who wants to get fucked in every hole, and cum in, and denied forever and ever and ever, amen.

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Great Video - My Oldest Fantasy

This video basically shows one of my very first fantasies - basically being in a box or blocked off from the waist up, so my vagina and clit can be used by whoever happens along.

As I got older and into denial, I imagine I've been injected with a drug that heightens my sexual arousal but makes it impossible for me to cum:

This is for the amusement and use of whoever my owner/tormentor is and to keep me in my place as a sub/slave.


Exp Dom 42 seeking submissive female who truly craves Orgasm Control and Guided Masterbation on a regular basis

EDIT: If this post is still up I'm still looking so feel free to get in touch!!!!

Experienced Dom 42 searching for a submissive female 18-40 to explore primarily Orgasm control/Tease & Denial based submission. If you enjoy the thought of giving up control of when, where, how often and in what way you receive pleasure/orgasms then don't hesitate to get in touch.

Starting to Train My fucktoy

Hi All, I am a huge fan of this site and have been reading many of the blogs for quite a while. It's nice to see there are resources out there for female orgasm denial, since most of the information on the web in regards to denial is about males being denied. Some of the posts on this sight have gotten Me so hot and bothered I just didn't even know what to do with Myself! (The uppercase/lowercase pronouns and titles are used in My slave's and My communications to always remind her Who is in charge.

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