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Live Show Tomorrow...probably not to everyone's taste, but hoping it includes some OD!

Hi guys...just wanted to let you know tomorrow I'm participating in a live show on Realtimebondage.com. These live shows are not for everyone as it does include some pretty extreme corporal punishment and other tortures, but if you're into that, I'm hoping it will also include some teasing and stuff (at least I have requested as much...) What's cool about it, if you're not familiar with the site, is that people can request stuff via chat during the show...

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Another great one with some teasing/orgasm denial on Infernal Restraints...

Hi guys...here is another one I shot recently...the first two scenes have some nice Orgasm Denial...and in the last scene I get to come HARD. Hope you guys enjoy it...

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HI! Long time lurker...first time poster...Orgasm Denial on Hardtied.com

Hi everyone. Long time lurker. I'm Dixon Mason! I'm a BDSM/Fetish model/Adult Actress/whatever you want to call it. Anyways, orgasm denial is my personal fetish. And there is some in my latest shoot on hardtied.com. I've always had fantasies of chastity, and of being teased mercilessly but not allowed to cum.

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