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Tantalism: A teasing or tormenting by the hope or near approach of good which is not attainable.

Welcome to, an exploration of the delicious tension arising from thwarted sexual release. We hope to provide a friendly community atmosphere, and a hotbed of eroticism for devotees of this kink. Diversity of input is encouraged, as we prefer to travel the less worn paths, including female denial, same-sex activities and the extreme bounds of fantasy.

female denial

Female orgasm denial.
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displeased master and tormenting

Master was very displeased that i had taken it upon myself to put a vibrator in my pussy. He made me edge on the spot when he caught me on the couch looking at porn. Then he discovered the ice cubes. Despite the fact that they were almost melted, he made me put fresh ones on my nipples after i was done edging. He also shoved the vibrator deeper inside me and made me leave it in while i cleaned the kitchen which took another hour and a half. When i was done my ice cubes were melted again. I asked to take a shower which i was granted.

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Suffering much for my master today

I'm suffering much for my master tonight. He asked me to edge twice for him tonight, which I have already done. I wanted to please him more so I took it upon myself to put ice cubes on my nipples in a sports bra. They are about half melted now and the sharp pains in my nipples have subsided a bit. And i put a vibrating butt plug in my pussy to stimulate the production of more come. I have now increased the vibration to high after 30 minutes on low. Then I put excite stimulant on my clit.

Nice piece of pussy teasing and denial in lesbian psychodramas 16

Well, originally I wanted to add this as a weblink, but I decided not to share any link of torrent sites here. Anyway, I just watched Lesbian Psychodrams 16, and around 2:00:00 there is a very hot teasing session where the beautiful Bree Daniels is being teased rather lengthily, and the other girl is edging her many times. It seems that Bree enjoys this very much, as I can hear, she even tell the other girl something like "keep teetering". At the and, it pretty much looks like a ruined orgasm, but she is not complaining at all. Try to get the vid!

No Touch- First Time Ever

So, in all my years of experimenting with orgasm denial, mostly solo, teasing has always played a major role. I never bothered with no touch. It never appealed to me. To be honest, I hated the idea. Well, today he put me on no touch until further notice. No touching myself. No sexual contact with others. Damn is this hard. I told him about my long aversion to no touch & thanked him for the challenge. Someone really did need to force this on me eventually. I need to have this experience to know what it's like. Damn it's hard, though. I desperately want to touch myself.


Hello everyone. I have been a fan of this site and of orgasm denial for a while and finally decided to join and throw in my two cents. I've been experimenting with orgasm denial for years, usually on my own, occasionally with a partner. I recently gave a long distance FWB control of my orgasms for a month. He's only 18, & I'm 31. The age disparity really turns me on. There's something incredibly sexy and sort of humiliating about being dominated by someone so much younger than me. I'm enjoying being his pet cougar.


After a month of super busy and finally earning an orgasm (holy hell that was an amazing visit with my Master), I am back on denial and thinking of all the ways it could be worse (and begging my Master to make it worse, of course).

Here's a thought for days spent at home:

The Anorgasmic Mania Study

Please check this individual into the clinic at your earliest opportunity. She is a good candidate for our psychological study. Since she is the first subject, I'll explain to you how this study works.

First and foremost, she has agreed to be a blind participant and is not aware of the actual parameters of the study. She will be treated for medically induced anorgasmia. She will be given a second pill to counteract the anorgasmia in addition to her primary medication.

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3 months in, over a year to go

I am currently 3 months into my denial. My last orgasm was from my Master on my birthday.

Need to be stuffed full of cock

My dripping cunt is making me such a whore. I want cock so badly, want to be left with a dildo sticking out of my pussy, a reminder that this pussy is just a place for pleasing cocks. That fullness without movement, the indignity of having a fake cock sticking out of me, on display, for anyone to see, a statement of what a depraved, cock obsessed slut I am, that I would beg just to feel a cock inside me, not to be fucked, just left there, like the cap to a fuck hole meant for use by my Master, keeping me dripping with unfulfilled need.

Please (do)n't?

So wet, so needy, that several times last night I truly wanted to cum. No sense of regret, no feeling that I would have gotten off before the ride was over, I truly wanted to cum.

And then my brain started *imagining*. I imagined my Master telling me 'No' when I'm so desperate to hear yes. I imagined him telling me to sleep with his cunt stuffed, filled with fake cock just to remind me what a slut I am. I imagined not being allowed to cum at the end of May, being told No despite truly desperate pleas for yes, to be reminded that this is for his pleasure, not mine.

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